Professional Designations

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Earth Advantage designated professionals have met stringent requirements that involve completing specific course work and passing an exam. When you choose an Earth Advantage designated professional for real estate transactions or home construction, you can rest assured that that person has a detailed understanding of sustainability, energy efficiency and climate resilience practices. They can help you make informed decisions about ADU construction, new home construction, or home renovations and can appropriately assess the value of green home assets and explain their relevance in creating a better home.


Earth Advantage Designated Professionals

Earth Advantage Brokers

Real estate professionals who have completed and passed our Earth Advantage Broker training and possess in-depth knowledge on the features and benefits of green/energy efficient home opportunities in their market. 

Sustainable Homes Professional

SHPs have successfully completed this six-month long course, and become experts in the latest in sustainable homebuilding.

Accredited Green Appraisers

AGAs appraisal professionals are trained in valuing the unique aspects of green and high performance homes.

ADU Specialists

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Specialists are highly trained in this emerging development trend. 

Zero Energy Professionals

Professionals who have gained the knowledge to build zero energy homes—homes that produce as much energy as they use. 

OR Home Energy Assessors

Find an Oregon Home Energy Score assessor for energy assessments outside of Portland.

Green Building Trainees

Building industry pre-apprentices, contractors and students who have completed our trainings in tandem with our workforce development partners across Oregon.