Sustainable Homes Professionals

Sustainable Homes Professionals have completed Earth Advantage’s most extensive high-performance building training, the Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) course, delivered by trainers who are nationally-recognized as some of the best in the construction business. 

SHP is an in-depth, interactive, and field-tested training program for Northwest building industry professionals who are looking to advance their residential projects and craft to the next level of quality. Graduates of this deep dive accreditation training program have demonstrated their understanding of building science, above-code practices, whole systems approaches, and green building certification standards that maximize the health, comfort, durability, savings, and sustainability benefits for their home buyer/owner clients.

Sustainable Home Professionals  have completed Earth Advantage's robust online or in-person SHP training program, passed quizzes & homeworks, and developed a successful final project that puts principles into practice by guiding participants in designing their own high performance building or research project. Once accredited, SHPs are listed on this registry and gain access to logos and marketing support to help them gain visibility as expert green building professionals. 

California - Santa Barbara
Colorado - Denver
Idaho - Boise
Massachusetts - Boston
Oregon - Northeast
Oregon - Portland Metro
Blair Edmiston
Buck Bailey
Deborah Medina
Josh Robertson
Kelly Stewart
Laurie Harris
Lee Foxall
Leonard Sawchuk
Maggie McGann
Marla Benoist
Melissa Peterson
Monty Moore
Reid Martin
Trisha Paul
Washington - King County
Washington - Whatcom County