Enhance Your MLS Marketing Power

July 21, 2022 | By: Meg Garabrant

Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) are the center of data curation and quality data for most real estate transactions. The most progressive MLSs are proactively enriching their data sets by constantly adding new types of information relevant to REALTORS® and their clients. Those MLSs believe their role is to continually expand their data search capabilities to help real estate professionals address every insight interesting to their clients. Every new type of information has the potential to increase and build lifelong client relationships.

Consumer interest in home performance features in homes is rising. The second annual NAR 2021 REALTORS® and Sustainability Report revealed 61% of surveyed reported consumers have an interest in sustainability.

To value the sustainable, renewable, and energy efficiency assets of a home, a homebuyer needs trustworthy data at the time of sale. More and more homes are getting home energy audits, installing rooftop solar PV, and third-party home certifications. It is critical that information is accurately displayed in a real estate listing to reveal these home performance features.

Multiple Listing Services have an opportunity to increase relevance by providing a simple way for REALTORS® to expand the education and counsel they can provide to their clients by adding searchable green fields in their MLS systems.

To keep up with consumer interest in green features, four-in-ten REALTORS® stated that sustainability and green data fields should be included in their Multiple Listing Services today. Among those that have green data fields, nearly 40% use them to promote green features, 27% to promote energy information, and 16% to promote their green education certifications.

MLSs are providing green data by partnering with the Green Building Registry® (GBR), a web and mobile based platform, which provides home performance data to support the US real estate market. GBR has formed data-sharing agreements with trusted green data sources across the country to enable MLSs to auto-populate this valuable data into their local MLS systems, in real time.

Since the data is coming from its originating source, appraisers and lenders can trust the veracity of the information and appropriately consider it in the valuing and lending stages of home sales and purchases.

Forward thinking MLSs want to provide tools, technology, market intelligence, and training that positions their agents as experts on all things real estate. Adding comprehensive home performance data from Green Building Registry enables your subscribers to effectively educate their prospects, and clients on sustainability features, green home certifications, and energy efficiency for properties and provide yet another reason to work with a REALTOR®.

If you would like to learn more about how your MLS can enable more green home business opportunities for your subscribers with Green Building Registry visit our web page.
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