The Green Building Registry®

Making home performance data transparent and accessible.

What is the Green Building Registry?

Currently, the housing market does not effectively or consistently recognize and value climate-friendly homes. When information about a home’s climate-friendly features is available, buyers can’t easily access it in order to factor it into their purchase decisions. Earth Advantage developed the Green Building Registry (GBR) to bridge this gap by connecting available home information to the broader real estate market.

GBR is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) and data aggregation platform that houses data directly from credible third-party home performance certification programs. Its custom API enables this data to be auto-populated in multiple listing services across the country. Since the data comes from its originating source, appraisers and lenders can trust the accuracy of the information and appropriately consider it in the valuation and lending stages of real estate transactions.

Easily search for building data in the Green Building Registry

Why Partner with the Green Building Registry?

Provide homebuyers with trustworthy data to evaluate purchase decisions

Accurately display home performance and energy-efficient data in real estate listings

Enable accurate valuation of green, renewable and energy-efficiency assets
Reduce liability concerns with data auto-population

Single-source solution: we connect to multiple data sources, so you only connect to one

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons to consider.  Unrecognized address - GBR uses the USPS standard address format and if an address from a program doesn’t match or it has not yet been officially recorded, it won’t be accepted into GBR. It could also be that we don’t yet receive data from that program, or in that part of the country. It could also be that data isn’t available for that timeframe. See below for a matrix of historic data availability by program.

Each HES program has its own administrators throughout the country. GBR is working to establish data relationships with all of them, however some may not yet be providing data to GBR.

GBR displays data on the most recent information provided by the program administrators. As long as we have received the new rating/score, that is what will be displayed in GBR.

Program administrators and GBR respect homeowner privacy settings. If a homeowner does not wish for their score/rating to be publicly displayed, ‘Private’ will be noted. The homeowner can modify this setting by emailing a request to the email address noted on that record.

If a property record is indicated as ‘Private’ then that data is not publicly available and therefore not populated on this document.

See the table below for a matrix of the data sources and types available in GBR.