Data Definitions in the Green Building Registry®

All of the data in the Green Building Registry® is RESO Data Dictionary compliant in order to work seamlessly with real estate IT systems. Below are details on the specific RESO fields used in GBR. 

Certification Field Definitions

Verification Type
The name of the verification or certification awarded to a new or pre-existing residential or commercial structure. For example: LEED for Homes, Energy Star, etc. If you see this statement in GreenBuildingVerificationType: “This data is currently private. To request access please contact:” The homeowner has not yet agreed to make the information available publicly. You may contact the email listed to request for program staff to contact the homeowner and request permission for the public release of the information.

Verifying Entity
The name of the body or group providing the verification/certification/rating named in the GreenBuildingVerificationType field.

Verification Date
The date the certification or verification was awarded.

A final score indicating the performance of energy efficiency design and measures in the home as tested by a third-party rater. HERS Index is a common example for new homes where a lower number is more energy efficient. Home Energy Score is a tool more common for existing homes where a higher number on a 1-10 scale is more energy efficient.

Verification Metric
Many verifications or certifications have a rating system that provides an indication of the structure's level of energy efficiency and sustainability. Verifications and Certifications will typically have a name such as Platinum, Gold, or Silver, etc.

Data Source
The source of the green data. Example Values: Certification Body, Administrator, Assessor (GreenVerificationSource), Builder (GreenVerificationSource), Contractor or Installer, Other (GreenVerificationSource), Owner (GreenVerificationSource), Program Sponsor, Program Verifier, Public Records (GreenVerificationSource), See Remarks (GreenVerificationSource)

Data Status
Many verification programs include a multi-step process that may begin with plans and specs, involve testing and/or submission of building specifications along the way, and include a final verification step. When ratings are involved it is not uncommon for the final rating to be either higher or lower than the target preliminary rating. Sometimes the final approval is not available until after-sale and occupancy. Status indicates what the target was at the time of listing and may be updated when verification is complete. To limit liability concerns this field reflects information that was available at the time of listing or updated later and should be confirmed by the buyer. Example Values: Complete, In Process, Blank

Report URL (Download Report)
Provides a link to the specific property’s high-performance rating or scoring report.

Verification Key
A unique identifier for this record.

Version No.
The version of the certification or verification that was awarded. Some rating programs have a year, a version, or possibly both.

Year Verified
The year the certification or verification was awarded.


Solar Field Definitions

Annual electricity generated in kWh/year, kilowatt hours per year.

Describes the status of the PowerProductionAnnual. Example Values: Actual, Estimated, Partially Estimated, Blank

The “capacity” of a renewables system. Size is measured in kilowatts (kW) DC, direct current.

This field is a list of the type of power production system available on the property. Example Values: Photovoltaics, Wind

The year a renewables system was installed.