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Driving data transparency in the real estate market

Publicly available information on a home’s energy consumption and climate-friendly attributes ensures those features can be valued in real estate transactions. When these attributes are assigned a monetary value, the market can respond rationally to their presence. The result is a powerful, market-based incentive for investing in better environmental outcomes. We work with stakeholders throughout the real estate industry to help ensure that climate-related data is available to the market and can easily be used at every stage of a transaction, from valuation to financing. 


The Green Building Registry®

The Green Building Registry is the largest single source of verifiable climate-related home data in the United States, and its custom API helps ensure seamless autopolulation of green data fields in MLS platforms.


Whether you’re a government entity, an MLS or a financial institution, we can help you understand the best ways to incorporate climate-related home data into your work.