Building Certifications

Making climate-friendly housing a reality

We administer best-in-class green building certification and rating programs that provide credible, verified information about the climate impact of homes. The information provided through these programs lays the groundwork for factoring energy efficiency and climate mitigation features into the value of a home, empowering home buyers to make intentional purchasing decisions, and ultimately leading to more equitable communities. We partner directly with builders and developers, as well as with independent raters as RESNET HERS and LEED for Homes providers. 



Single-Family Certifications

We help builders demonstrate their commitment to building homes that are healthier for residents and the environment. Our services provide third-party verification that homes are built above code, prioritizing efficiency, durability, comfort, and health. 

Multifamily Certifications

We help developers navigate available incentives, verify high performance building practices and document the quality, sustainability and desirability of their buildings. 


Already an Earth Advantage client or homeowner? Click here for program resources for each of certification programs we administer, as well as information on our Energy Bill Guarantee. 

Why pursue a green building certification?

Participating in a green building certification program isn't just good for the environment. It makes good sense for your business.

Financial Incentives

A variety of incentives and tax credits are available for homes built above-code. Pursuing a third-party certification is a great way to ensure you meet all the criteria needed to qualify for any available incentives in your area.

Quality Differentiation

Homes that qualify for green building certifications are built at a higher quality than standard code built homes, and require far more inspections to ensure that all components and systems are installed correctly and to plan. Obtaining a green building certification helps set you apart from the competition by demonstrating your commitment to quality building practices. 

Ease of ESG Reporting

Green building certifications make it easy to provide investors, developers and consumers with information needed to measure and manage their climate impact. 

Earth Advantage Home Certification

Built to Quality

Earth Advantage has more than 20 years' experience certifying homes. Our flagship certification program helps you easily achieve about-code building results while adding significant value to your final product. We offer three tiers to guide projects at any level of building performance:


Ideal for builders taking their first steps into above-code building.


An intermediate option for builders committed to above-code, high performance building.


Our highest level of certification for projects designed for maximum performance and efficiency.


+Zero Energy & Zero Energy Ready

Zero Energy and Zero Energy Ready designations are available for projects that meet specific criteria for the utilization of solar power.


The Five Pillars of Sustainability

All Earth Advantage Certified projects are measured against these five sustainability criteria: 


Ensuring efficient energy use and management throughout the home.


Prioritizing air and water quality, and minimizing exposure to toxins in the home.


Responsible land use and development to help reduce and mitigate climate impacts.



Prioritizing low carbon, locally reduced and post-consumer recycled materials in the home’s construction.


Leveraging efficient interior and exterior design, as well as appropriate stormwater mitigation.

Earth Advantage Awards

Each year, we recognize builders who are exceeding requirements for energy efficiency, indoor air quality and more.

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