Multifamily Certifications

Investors and developers are increasingly concerned with the environmental and social impacts of their projects. Green building certifications provide a rigorous, concrete framework for ensuring that buildings are constructed as sustainably as possible. From navigating available incentives to verifying building practices, our team of experts is here to help you develop highly desirable, climate-friendly buildings. 


The Earth Advantage Difference

Earth Advantage multifamily certification is an excellent choice for developers looking to maximize the return-on-investment of sustainability measures implemented in their buildings. Achieving Earth Advantage certification can satisfy the requirements for incentives offered by Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Portland Housing Bureau and Bonneville Power Administration. Additionally, Earth Advantage multifamily certification is recognized by GRESB, the international benchmark assessing the environmental social and governance of properties. This means that Earth Advantage certification can be factored into the organization’s annual assessment for your property. 


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Offered Programs

Earth Advantage Certification

Earth Advantage Certification

LEED for Homes Certification

LEED for Homes Certification

ENERGY STAR Multifamily

ENERGY STAR Multifamily

U.S. DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) Multifamily Version 2

U.S. DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) Multifamily Version 2

Indoor Air Plus Version 2

Indoor Air Plus Version 2




LEED for Homes

LEED for Homes

Earth Advantage is an approved provider for both RESNET and LEED for Homes. If you are a rater looking for a provider for either of these programs please contact Marc Cregeur for RESNET or Eric Foley for LEED. 

Expert Guidance, Modeling and Testing

We’ve created processes and materials to help our clients establish and achieve sustainability standards from design through construction and completion. Our field verification and performance testing ensures quality control by helping to support contractor accountability, which ultimately leads to better customer satisfaction.  

We know how to work effectively with professional design teams to facilitate an integrated design approach to create high performance buildings using the most cost-effective strategies. Our team addresses every project as an opportunity to deliver solutions that will make the project better with as little cost and complexity as possible. 

Certification Process

All Earth Advantage administered certification programs begin with a kick-off meeting to review and plan for the measures that will need to be completed for your project to earn certification. Projects will then undergo a series of inspections to verify that all measures have been properly implemented. Finally, we’ll review any energy modeling required by the program and issue the final reports needed to obtain final certification.

Additional Energy Modeling Services

Energy Conservation Model

We can provide an Energy Conservation Model during a project’s design phase. The ECM provides multiple analyses showing different pathways to meet the project’s energy goals in order to assist the project team in evaluating the impacts of various energy related strategies and inform design considerations.

Incentive Modeling

  • LIHTC-UA modeling
  • 223(f) and 221(d)(4) HUD MIP modeling
  • Oregon Multifamily Energy Program (OR-MEP) modeling
  • Energy Trust of Oregon whole building modeling
  • 45L & 179D federal tax credit compliance modeling

Certification Compliance Modeling

  • Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund (PCEF) modeling
  • PV sizing load modeling

Additional Testing Services

Hot Water Distribution Testing

Our team can conduct hot water distribution testing per client or program requirements.Testing includes timing and temperature of hot water furthest from the heat source.

Ventilation and Exhaust Flow Testing

Using industry approved equipment, we conduct kitchen and bathroom exhaust flow testing. Testing is conducted after an HVAC contractor adjusts fans flows in accordance with mechanical designs.


Whole Building Blower Door Testing

Our team can conduct blower door testing on every door in your building to ensure that everything is properly sealed and no air is leaking inside the building. 


Additional Consulting Services


Our multifamily experts can facilitate a guided planning session with your project team to identify strategies and objectives that help you meet your project’s sustainability goals. We focus on steps that will yield measurable and meaningful embodied carbon and operational decarbonization initiatives, as well as maximize indoor air quality.



Our on-staff Fitwel Ambassadors will guide your project team through the initial Fitwel assessment to help you  understand programmatic requirements. We help help teams evaluate FitWel strategies to pursue, focusing on practical solutions that assist with the integration of project team design, construction and operational goals.


LEED for Homes Durability Management Verification

We verify that the appropriate ENERGY STAR strategies have been implemented in accordance with LEED for Homes requirements durability management requirements.


LEED for HomesTrades Training Integrative Process (IP) Credit

We offer targeted training for site managers and superintendents covering measures specific to the project. Completion of 8 hours of training earns 1 LEED point for the project.

Earth Advantage Builder and Trade Partner Training

Our Green Building Consultants and Field Technicians can  provide onsite training and guidance during inspections as needed to help ensure compliance with the program.  Earth Advantage staff are available to provide in-depth training for builders, developers, and subcontractors on building science concepts, green building concepts, and energy efficiency measures.