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Creating Change

We work to accelerate the availability of sustainable homes for everyone. 

In the Northwest

Our work in the Northwest focuses on providing a recognized green building standard for single and multifamily homes. We use our rigorous standards in conjunction with other national standards such as Passive House and LEED® for Homes to certify single and multifamily residences in Oregon and Southwest Washington. In addition we provide training to building and real estate professionals across the region. In 2017 we co-founded the ZERO Coalition (Zero Energy Building Oregon) in support of advancing home building in our state by 2030.  

Across the Country

Nationally we work with states, cities, and national organizations to advance residential building sustainability. We do this through training, data solutions, and policy consultation. The goal of our national work is to share our regional expertise to other regions in order to advance residential sustainability across the entire U.S. This work includes our City HELP™ initiative, the Green Building Registry®, and program delivery support for the DOEs Home Energy Score

Home Certifications

Home Certifications

Single and Multifamily building certifications in Oregon and Southwest Washington.
Learn more about our certification standards, programs, and awards. 

ZERO Coalition

ZERO Coalition

The Zero Energy Ready Oregon Coalition to promote the adoption of zero energy buildings in Oregon by 2030.
Learn more about our comittment to zero energy homes >>
Green Building Registry®

Green Building Registry®

We created the Green Building Registry to serve as "the" data repository for verified green and energy efficiency home data. 
Discover how the Green Building Registry works >>
Search for a home on the Registry >>
City HELP™

City HELP™

We joined the Rocky Mountain Institute to create the City HELP™ program to provide guidance to cities across the U.S. on energy labeling and manditory Home Energy Score program implementation. 
Find out more about the program >>
Home Energy Score

Home Energy Score

We provide program support to the DOEs Home Energy Score program in Portland and across Oregon.
Visit the Portland program overview page >>
Find a Portland HES Assessor >>
Visit the Oregon program overview page >>
Find an Oregon HES Assessor >>
Policy & Research

Policy & Research

Since 2007 we have provided research and policy guidance on residential building codes, home construction best practices, green home valuation, and more.
Learn about our research and read our publications >>

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
                  —Margaret Mead


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Earth Advantage Accredited Professionals

Earth Advantage Accredited Professionals

Our accredited professionals gained specialized knowledge in sustainable building practices.
Find a professional in your area.
Green Builder of the Year Awards 2019

Green Builder of the Year Awards 2019

The 2019 judges have been selected, the date of the event is set, and applications are available to all Earth Advantage builders. 

See the judges and download the application here.
September Builder of the Month

September Builder of the Month

Green Canopy Homes is our September Builder of the Month. 

Learn more about Green Canopy's mission here >