Mechanical Systems & Performance Testing

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Explore design and product options for residential mechanical and energy systems.


Length: 3 Hours

Join us for this online training to explore the many design and product options for home HVAC, hot water, renewable energy, lighting and appliance systems.

This course gives professionals the opportunity to become familiar with residential mechanical and energy system types, their applications, limitations, and benefits. 

Take this course and learn how to identify the total energy load for various building types and select appropriate systems according to project objectives. This will involve evaluate system types using actual house plans and incorporate load reduction approaches as the first step in system design. Just as performance testing is necessary to verify the envelope’s construction, testing and verification of mechanical systems are also key components to creating high-performance sustainable homes and will be addressed in this course.  

Participants will also walk away being able to understand and utilize different approaches for maintaining air quality through controlled ventilation and filtration. As of 2021, building codes in Oregon & Washington now require balanced (OR) or efficient ventilation (WA). As this takes on greater importance, consumers are increasingly asking builders about ventilation and filtration when searching for homes. There are several balanced ventilation systems and approaches to consider, and builders will need to decide which provides the best solution for their projects and customers.  

Also covered in the training is an evaluation of the various water heating and renewable energy systems and options, as well as a review of lighting design and appliance technologies and their benefits and limitations. 

Register today and join us for an exploration of the various design and product options that will enhance your residential mechanical and energy systems. 

Recommended Audience

Architects / Builders / Contractors / Code Officials / Consultants / Developers / Engineers / Home Energy Score Assessors / Home Inspectors / Program Representatives / Raters / Verifiers / Remodelers / Subcontractors

Continuing Education

OR CCB: 3 CEs  
OCHI: 3 CEs  
BPI: 1.5 units 
ICC 0.3 CEs 
OR Real Estate Agency: 3 CEs   
EA Broker Renewal: 3 CEs   
Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA) Renewal: 3 CEs


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On-demand training format consists of a series of 5-10 minute videos divided into sections. Users can start or stop their viewing at their own pace and easily resume the course at another time. Short quiz questions and activities will help you incorporate content covered in the videos.

What is SHP?

This 3-hour training represents the first module within the larger Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) online  training and accreditation program designed for the NW region:

Earth Advantage's SHP training provides 15+ hours of cutting-edge design and building best practices that are critical to success in today's housing market. Learn from expert trainers as they help guide participants towards overcoming common barriers and choosing the best high performance building practices to match their specific scenario. The SHP online training offers presentation videos, behind-the-walls site visits, live webinars, guest speakers, product/technology demos, robust CE credits, and the option to earn the Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) designation. 

Those who complete this Module 4 training will be one step closer towards earning our SHP designation. We invite you to learn more and gain visibility as a well-informed green building professional by signing up for the SHP online training today. 

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the relative impact of various building types on the total energy load of a house.
  • Select appropriate HVAC systems according to project objectives.
  • Incorporate load reduction as the first step in system design in all future projects.
  • Identify different approaches for maintaining air quality through controlled ventilation and filtration.
  • Consider different water heating, lighting, appliance and renewable/solar energy systems and options.
  • Understand various types of performance testing and verification techniques and benefits.


*Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Allies working with EPS New Construction may be eligible for partial reimbursement for this course. Please contact for more information.


Affordable Housing Providers (developers, builders, and their subcontractors)


Earth Advantage Designated Professionals, Earth Advantage builder clients, ZERO Members, Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Allies, & Oregon Minority/Women Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE) certified companies.


General Admission

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