'ADU Specialist' Designation Exam

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Take the exam and earn the 'ADU Specialist' professional designation.


Earth Advantage's ADU training offers a top-tier learning opportunity for professionals looking to enhance their business practices and earn our nationally-recognized ADU Specialist designation.  

ADU Specialists are trained to provide valuable expertise to help meet the increasing demand for properties with ADU potential. They understand planning and building regulations, property eligibility, development process and costs, and the return on investment of ADUs in order to better assist their clients.  

Professionals can earn the 'ADU Specialist' desination in order to display their ADU credentials to the market. They do so by attending one of our trainings and passing the designation exam. After passing the exam, Earth Advantage provides a registry listing, logo package, and marketing support for ADU Specialists to then promote their newly acquired designation via business cards, email signatures and website in order to differentiate themsevels from other professionals. 

Recommended Audience

Appraisers / Architects / Builders / Contractors / Consultants / Developers / Lenders / Raters / Verifiers / Real Estate Professionals / Remodelers

Continuing Education

No CEs provided

Pathways to become an 'ADU Specialist'

You must complete one of our trainings listed below in order to qualify to take the online ADU Specialist Designation Exam:
  • 'All About ADUs'
  • 'ADU Academy'
  • 'ADUs 101' online training in California
  • 'ADU Primer' online training available nationally 
Learn more about these training offerings here. You are welcome to pre-register for the exam in advance of having completed a training. Note the 'ADU Specialist' designation is optional and is not required in order to attend our trainings. 

In order to pass the exam, professionals are expected to have sufficient ADU field experience (real estate, design, building, developing, etc.) &/or have read the textbook written by our ADU course developer, Kol Peterson: Backdoor Revolution - The Definitive Guide to ADU Development. This textbook is is provided at no cost for participants of the 'All About ADUs' training. 

Need a refresher? Exam registrants will also receive a discount code to purchase the textbook. 

Exam Requirements

You must pass the exam with a score of 70% or better, and will be given up to two opportunities to pass.




General Admission

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