Appraising Green Homes: Construction Methods & Trends

Learn the differences between energy efficient, green, and code-built homes.

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Learn the differences between energy efficient, green, and code-built homes in order to apply well-supported adjustments to appraisal assignments.

This course will provide information on the rapidly expanding field of green building and introduce participants to all phases of green residential construction, from proper siting of a home to finish material selection. Participants will gain up-to-date info on this rapidly expanding field and an in-depth understanding of the 5 pillars of green building and third party certification programs in order to equip yourself to competently analyze these properties in appraisal assignments.

This course comprises Module 1 in a series of two trainings that allow appraisers to earn the Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA) designation. Participants will need to complete both trainings and pass the accreditation exam to earn the AGA designation:
  • Module 1 - Appraising Green Homes:  Construction Methods & Trends 
  • Module 2 - Appraising Green Homes:  Valuation Techniques & Applications

Become an Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA) and join a nationwide network of appraisers that have completed our AGA course series in order to stay ahead of the next wave in residential construction. Our AGA program provides professionals with the opportunity to enroll in coursework that will both strengthen their expertise and promote their green appraisal qualifications to lenders and AMCs who are seeking "competent" green appraisers. AGAs benefit from professional differentiation by leveraging marketing support from Earth Advantage in the form of AGA logos and an online listing in our registry of designated professionals. Appraisers must earn 4 CEs in green real estate education every 2 years to maintain the AGA designation and can do so by completing additional green coursework offered by Earth Advantage or other providers.   

Did you know the secondary mortgage market (Fannie, Freddie, and FHA) and Appraisal Foundation guidelines require "competency" in this topic area prior to accepting an assignment on a green or energy efficient home? Become one of the appraisers in your area that lenders and AMCs can turn to who meet this standard. Our AGA program has been recommended as qualifying green home valuation education by the Appraisal Foundation. AGA has been offered live across California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, Washington and Alabama.​

Questions? Contact the Education Team at or (503) 968-7160 x66
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Learning Objectives
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  • Understand the foundations and history of green home development.
  • Understand recent housing market forces and how they affect appraisers.
  • Identify the different methods and trends of residential green construction per the 5 pillars:
    • Land Use & Development
    • Water Conservation
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Materials Selection
    • Health & Indoor Air Quality
  • Differentiate between various green building certification programs.
  • Utilize the Appraising Green Homes course manual and resource guide as reference tools. 

When & Where
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Online course available on-demand

CEs & Cost
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Continuing Education
not currently available for this online version

Course Fee

Appraising Green Homes: Construction Methods & Trends is also offered via live in-person trainings that provide 7 CEs ($149 course fee). Click here and click the 'Upcoming Sessions' dropdown to see if any courses are being offered in your area. 

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Appraisers, Lenders

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Taylor Watkins
Taylor Watkins: Taylor has been a certified residential appraiser in the Portland and Southwest Washington region for over 20 years. He owns one of Portland's first net-zero homes, the "Rose House." Taylor frequently serves as a consultant and expert around the country on green home valuation issues, including a study he conducted for Energy Trust of Oregon on the impact of photovoltaic panels on a home's appraised value. He created and instructs the Appraising Green Homes courses that comprise EA's Accredited Green Appraiser designation, as well as teaches the Earth Advantage Broker (formerly S.T.A.R. - Sustainability Training for Accredited Real Estate Professionals) course in Oregon, Washington, Alabama, and Virginia.