New Website Resource for Ultra High Performance Building Products

October 17, 2018 | By: Ryan Shanahan

Apogee is a new website resource for high performance home builders with a specific focus on ultra-high performance building products and their suppliers. All products are available in North America and the site is sorted into over 80 categories with over 500 products listed. This free resource requires no registration to browse and allows the option to sign up for a newsletter with info. on new products and suppliers as the site adds more over time.

The website was created specifically for builders seeking high performance building products capable of helping them reach the world’s most energy efficient home building standard, Passivhaus, also known as Passive House, or PHIUS+ certification, here in the United States. Buildings that meet this standard are notorious for being ultra-air-tight, including high levels of insulation, thermal bridge free construction techniques, triple-pane windows, and extremely efficient heat recovery ventilation.

Now that many of these building materials and systems have North American distribution, or North American high-quality product competition, it makes sense to have a website resource that allows for a user to source these products for their own project from a third-party resource like Apogee. You can expect to find things on this site that are not available in most suppliers’ inventory, including cork, wood fiber, and hemp exterior insulation products. You can also find CO2 refrigerant split system water heaters and HRV’s with over 90% efficiency.