Earth Advantage Multifamily Certification

A streamlined process for energy efficient buildings

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Since 1992, our team of industry experts has been working to move the building industry towards more sustainable practices. Our work has helped advance building professionals and inform consumers through certification, research, education, and product development.

We’ve assembled a staff of experts to guide your team through sustainability building practices in the following areas:

  • LEED® for Homes and LEED Multifamily Certification
  • Earth Advantage Multifamily Certification
  • Passive House Single Family and Multifamily Certification
  • Earth Advantage New Homes Certification
  • Zero Energy and Zero Energy Ready Certification
  • Other Green Building Certification
  • Advanced Building Science
  • Building Material Reuse
  • Trades Training
  • Energy Labeling and Green Valuation
  • Life-cycle Cost Analysis 
Our experience working with developers, architects, builders, brokers, and appraisers gives us specialized knowledge in the practical application of green building strategies and their market value.  Our certification impact in the market includes:
  • Over 16,000 single family homes certified
  • Over 17,000 multifamily units certified
  • Over 150 mixed-use and/or multifamily buildings certified
  • 15 national award winners

Earth Advantage focuses on new residential construction including stacked housing and mixed-use projects serving mixed-income, transitional and market-rate populations.

Building sizes and scale include 30-story plus high-rises, campuses, city-blocks, and multi-building developments.

Earth Advantage Multifamily Certification
Eric Foley  (503) 968-7160 x 23

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Our technical team of energy raters, green raters and consultants deliver expert, timely, professional, and value-added third-party verification through industry accepted diagnostic tools:

  • In-unit ventilation/exhaust flow meters
  • Blower door and duct blast equipment
  • Manometers testing for unit pressure differentials
  • Lavatory, faucet, and shower flow testing
  • Thermal imaging

We’ve created proprietary processes and materials to help our clients establish and achieve sustainability standards from design through construction and completion. For instance, our field verification and performance testing of specific design, construction, and operational conditions ensures quality control by helping to support contract accountability, which ultimately leads to better customer satisfaction.   

We know how to work effectively with professional design teams and facilitate an integrated design approach to create high-performance buildings using the most cost-effective strategies. Our multifamily team addresses every project as an opportunity to deliver solutions that will make the project better with as little complexity and cost as possible.

First, we identify the sustainable building practices that will bring the most value to the owner and users. We help identify strategies to implement the practices that best fit their specific project and site, by incorporating selected measures into the building’s development.

Then, leveraging our experience and tailored processes, we define a plan for the team that illustrates responsibility for the identified strategies and the information necessary to support the certification program that the team has chosen. Our analysis uses cost-effectiveness as one of the key elements for developing recommendations.

Step 1

A preliminary rating meeting with an Earth Advantage® green building consultant and key members of the project team to create an action plan (points worksheet) establishing the Earth Advantage® Multifamily points for meeting the targeted certification level (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) and determining the party accountable for each measure;

Step 2

An energy model of the building(s) which in many cases is performed by EAI;

Step 3

Two on-site inspections conducted by Earth Advantage specialists;

Step 4

Submitting a final points worksheet and any supporting documentation to Earth Advantage® for final review and approval.

Download a detailed process flowchart

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