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Deconstruction & Materials Reuse

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In the Pacific NW, construction waste accounts for about a quarter of waste stream volume.

Deconstruction and reuse is a practical and sustainable alternative to demolition. Approximately 85% of a building’s major components that typically end up in landfills during demolition can be diverted for reuse; and the overall cost of deconstruction is often comparable to, if not lower than standard demolition costs, after tax benefits are factored in. 

This two-day training will help you build the business case for deconstruction and reuse and will provide an overview of important elements to consider, including: City of Portland requirements, green building certification standards, planning & logistics, deconstruction and reuse best practices, markets and value for salvageable materials, hazard identification and safety.

Training materials include a tool kit with documentation to help plan and manage the deconstruction process. Participants will receive a tour of The ReBuilding Center, one of the largest deconstruction and construction reuse organizations in the U.S., and will have the opportunity to observe the deconstruction process during a field visit.

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Learning Objectives
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  • Analyze the economic, environmental and societal case for adopting deconstruction and reuse practices
  • Review City of Portland deconstruction specifications
  • Differentiate the benefits of reuse versus recycling
  • Identify common deconstruction hazards, including asbestos, lead, mold and oil tanks; and best mitigation practices
  • Describe standard safety procedures that need to be implemented on a deconstruction job site
  • Explain the importance of planning in terms of inventorying, budgeting, developing contracts, creating a site and materials management plan, and managing permits
  • Identify all the costs associated with deconstruction to produce accurate bids
  • Describe best deconstruction practices and processes
  • Explore deconstruction services available through The ReBuilding Center

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This course has primarily been designed for Deconstruction Contractors, but will also provide valuable information for Builders/Contractors, Remodelers, & Architects.  

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"Attending Earth Advantage Institute's course on deconstruction and building material reuse was very informative, challenging and really fun! The curriculum was current and up to date making the information immediately applicable to my program operations. The in-class project exercises challenged me to think outside the box and apply what I had learned. The instructor's building industry background and practical experience created a great conversational atmosphere full of useful tips and efficient business operation angles. Overall, I felt the course was very practical and I've been able to apply a lot of the information on my project sites in the past few weeks."

— Mark Haley | Building Material Recovery Program Manager | Portland Habitat for Humanity Metro Restores

"This was an excellent training and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about the value of deconstruction and reuse of materials and best practices."

-  Jenna Garmon | Green Building Analyst |  City of Eugene Green Building Program

“The class was well designed, informative, and extremely helpful to someone who is getting started in the deconstruction arena.”

-  Charles Ruhsenberger | US Forest Service

"The Deconstruction & Materials Reuse course is led by a very knowledgeable instructor with an extensive history in deconstruction and re-use practices. He engages his students with a true passion for alternatives to demolition and they are left with an understanding of current real world re-use practices backed up by the Portland Rebuilding Center and Deconstruction Services. Great course!"

- Tim Schouten | Giulietti/Schouten Architects

CEs & Cost
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Continuing Education
CCB: 14 CEs

Course Fee
$295 Regular Admission
*Funding assistance may be provided by City of Portland. Check 'Upcoming Sessions' above for more info. 

Questions? Contact Heather Kendall at or (503) 968-7160 x20.