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Building Science Training for Home Inspectors

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Learn how to integrate a "house as a system" approach into your home inspections in order to better understand the building science principles that affect residential buildings. 

The course covers the basic scientific concepts which affect the dynamics of heat transfer, air movement, moisture transport, moisture management, indoor air quality and combustion safety. Home Inspectors will learn to utilize building science to better identify health and safety issues in the residential structures. 

Learning Objectives
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  • Understand fundamental building science principles
  • Enhance understanding of moisture movement and how a home functions as a system
  • Understand how air leakage contributes to heat loss, moisture movement, and conditions conducive to wood destroying organisms
  • Explain how insulation deficiencies can cause major problems in managing heat transfer
  • Identify potential problems, safety hazards, and upgrade opportunities in forced air HVAC systems
  • Recognize and effectively recommend opportunities for improving home performance to potential homeowners

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This course has primarily been designed for Home Inspectors, but will also provide valuable information for Builders/Contractors, Raters & Architects. 

CEs & Cost
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Continuing Education
CCB: 7 CEs
Oregon Certified Home Inspectors (OCHI): 7 CEs
WA State Department of Agriculture: 6 recertification credits 
InterNACHI: 7 CEs

Course Fee
$99 General Admission
*Funding assistance may be provided by Energy Trust of Oregon. Check 'Upcoming Sessions' above for more info. 

Questions? Contact Heather Kendall at or (503) 968-7160 x20.

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"I learned so much about new products and techniques from the course- I was impressed with the instructor's wealth of knowledge. I will definitely try to weave some of the information from the course into my inspections to help my clients save energy and money."
     -Nicole Comer, Home Gnome Inspections (Portland, OR)