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Appraising Energy Efficient Homes

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Gain competency and make well-supported and accurate valuation decisions.  

Attend this 7-hour CE training and gain a wealth of appraisal expertise, including principles and practices that distinguish energy efficient homes from traditional code constructed homes, methods for appraising these high performance homes, and approaches to solar PV valuation. 
Did you know the secondary mortgage market (Fannie, Freddie, and FHA) and Appraisal Foundation guidelines require "competency" in this topic area prior to accepting an assignment on an energy efficient home? Take this course and become one of the appraisers in your area that lenders can turn to who meet this standard.  

This course is intended to provide appraisers with the information and resources needed to make well-supported and accurate valuation decisions for high performance properties. It will provide an overview of the most current data available for the valuation of energy efficient homes, and then present the cost approach as it applies to these properties. Participants will then perform an in-depth analysis of the sales comparison approach and other valuation techniques that can be applied to high performance homes. The approaches to value covered by this course are not exclusively related to high performance properties and will also help broaden your tool kit for conventional appraisal assignments. 

The Appraising Energy Efficient Homes course has been approved to provide 7 CEs for OR appraisers and has been recommended as qualifying green home valuation education by the Appraisal Foundation. This 1-day course was developed by Taylor Watkins, a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on high performance home valuation committees with the Appraisal Foundation, and has been derived and updated based on the comprehensive 3-day green home appraisal designation program provided by Earth Advantage, Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA). AGA has been offered live across California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, Washington and Alabama, and an online course is currently under development. Visit the AGA course page and click the "Reviews" tab to view participant testimonials and course evaluation summaries.  

Questions? Contact Heather Kendall at or 503-968-7160 x20. 
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Learning Objectives
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  • Gain the data/tools needed to apply adjustments to appraisal assignments using different approaches to value
  • Understand recent housing market forces and the latest valuation studies and how they affect appraisers
  • Learn how EPS-rated homes provide energy efficiency data to appraisers, as well as healthier, more durable, and more comfortable homes to consumers
  • Learn about appraisal addendums developed by Earth Advantage and Appraisal Institue and the different benefits/uses of each

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This course has primarily been designed for Appraisers, but will also provide valuable information for Lenders. 

CEs & Cost
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Continuing Education
7 Credit Hours 
Approved by: Oregon Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board (ACLB)  
Provider: Earth Advantage

*Funding assistance may be available. Check 'Upcoming Sessions' at the top of this page for more info.