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Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA)

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Join a nationwide network of appraisers that have completed coursework that will prepare them to stay ahead of the next wave in residential construction.

Our Appraising Green Homes courses provide professionals with the opportunity to learn the differences between “green” and “code” built homes, as well as gain the data and tools needed  to apply adjustments to appraisal assignments. Appraisers can choose to attend any of the three individual modules in the Appraising Green Homes series in a live classroom or online:
                >Module 1 - Appraising Green Homes:  Construction Methods & Trends
                >Module 2 - Appraising Green Homes:  Valuation Techniques
                >Module 3 - Appraising Green Homes:  Advanced Applications

Take the course & pass the accreditation exam to earn the Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA) designation! 

Our AGA program provides professionals with the opportunity to enroll in coursework that will both strengthen their expertise and promote their green appraisal qualifications. AGAs benefit from professional differentiation in the marketplace thanks to membership in a community of designated green valuation professionals, coupled with marketing support from Earth Advantage in the form of logos, an online profile on the EA registry of designated professionals, and more. If an appraiser would like to earn the Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA) designation, they will need to complete all three courses in sequence and pass our qualifying exam.
                >See Upcoming Sessions above to register or visit the CEs & Cost section below for more info

Questions? Contact Heather Kendall at or (503) 968-7160 x20.

Learning Objectives
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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the foundations and history of sustainable development.
  • Identify the different methods and trends of residential green construction.
  • Describe the market and regulatory forces at work in the sustainable housing market and how they affect appraisers.
  • Access the most recent valuation data on high performance homes.
  • Describe how energy upgrades made through local home energy audit and retrofit programs can increase the appraised value of a home.
  • Identify and apply the most appropriate sales comparison approach available using market, cost, quality of construction, and utility adjustment data.


  • Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA) professional designation and use of logo
  • AGA course manual and resource guide
  • Valuation data and studies
  • Tours of high performance homes
  • Professional designation listing on the Earth Advantage website + marketing support
  • Affiliation with a third-party certifier of green homes
  • Discounts on other Earth Advantage Institute courses and events
  • Join nationwide network of AGAs
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This course has primarily been designed for Appraisers, but will also provide valuable information for Lenders. 

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Course Evaluations Summary »


"I have to commend you on the outstanding presentation you have put together on this subject. Your knowledge of high performance 'green' building, as well as appraising the same, is clearly demonstrated throughout the course. The coordination of getting us all the course materials and organizing a site visit is exemplary.  I can’t remember the last time I have taken an education offering that has so thoroughly energized me and kept me wanting to learn more. Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity. It is much appreciated."
— Lorrie Beaumont, LB Appraisal Associates (Westwood, MA)

"What a great class! Taylor was a very knowledgeable and effective instructor. I probably got more out of this course than any other course I've taken...especially since Green Appraising was completely new to me and he cleared up many misconceptions I had about building Green. Taylor knows and understands, first-hand, the material that was discussed. He was able to articulate his understanding of Green Building in a way that is understood by Appraisers that, otherwise, have really no Green Appraising background. I would not mind taking it again as a refresher in a couple years, especially since we are only at the beginning of valuating Green homes." 
— Ben Sadtler, AGA, Homestead Appraisal, LLC (Richmond, VA) 

"Taylor was the most interesting and informative appraisal instructor I have ever had. His knowledge and his conveyance of same is a model which I would love to see copied." 
— Melanie H. Kidd, AGA, Kidd and Company Realty, LLC (Richmond, VA)" 

"This was an excellent class - every appraiser could benefit from attending. The focus on the topic from an appraisers perspective is what made it most valuable. I would not hesitate to take a follow-up course from this excellent instructor. I would highly recommend this course to every appraiser." 
— Walt Manz, AGA, Real Estate Valuation Services (Richmond, VA) 

"The Appraising Green Homes workshop was one of the most informative and interesting class I have taken as an appraiser. It was gret to have someone fully explain the how and why of the elements of sustainable housing. I have already recommended this class to other appraisers who were unable to attend this past class. I am now confident with my evaluation of green and energy efficient elements in my appraisals." 
— Denise M. Devore, AGA, Certified Appraisals LLC (Richmond, VA) 

"Valuable insight into green build technology and useful methodology for identifying energy saving components in residential construction." 
— Robert Butler, AGA, Landguard Appraisals (Birmingham, AL) 

"I found the course to be both informative and useful. As green building trends continue to grow, this course is at the cutting edge of providing knowledge to appraisers on how to evaluate and explain to the users of their services just how 'Green' features affect the value of a property." 
— Charles Robertson III, AGA, Regal Realty LLC (Birmingham, AL) 

"Very well done! This has been the best and most enjoyable multi day CE course that I have ever taken. Taylor is well spoken and exhibits a level of erudition that is clearly lacking in most CE classes. He was knowledgeable, and well prepared and appears to have no agenda, unlike most other 'green' presenters. The Green Movement is coming, as we all know, so Taylor's course is not to be missed!" 
— Jason J Pustek, AGA, KP Appraisal Services (Silverdale, WA) 

"I greatly enjoyed the class. I can see that green homes will probably be a significant part of future building in my area, and the knowledge of appraising such properties will be a good tool for future business for my company." 
— Lori Kaiser, AGA, Kaiser Appraisal Services, Inc. (Birmingham, AL) 

"Any appraiser who did not take the Green / AGA appraisal CE Classes taught by Taylor Watkins really missed out. While I don't think that Green is here yet, it is definitely coming and taking classes like this allow appraisers to get ahead of the curve, as well as look at how appraisers will have to adapt what we do to include this new Green information as it becomes available to us. Again, thank you Taylor Watkins and Ryan Harper for making this available." 
— George E. Nervik, AGA, (Silverdale, WA) 

"The class helped clarify the terms of Green Building and Energy Efficiency and how they are applied. With better understanding I can now be more prepared to consider how energy efficient building and sustainability are valued by buyers and sellers." 
— Rene Drake, AGA, Drake Appraisals (Silverdale, WA) 

"Many homes in my area are beginning to include buildings strategies for energy efficiency. This course helped me to understand the effects of different energy efficient items and how to value those on my appraisals! Best CE in years!!" 
— Anonymous Survey Participant 

"Taylor Watkins presents a balanced approach to the appraisal of 'green' property. He exposes the bias and pitfalls of green appraising and explains how market derived adjustments may be demonstrated and applied." 
— Anonymous Survey Participant 

"This is an excellent course for every day appraising!" 
— Michael Small, AGA, Certified Residential Appraiser (Richmond, VA) 

"This class was very informative and distilled the 'green construction valuation challenge down to a practicle, everyday appraisal scenario." 
— William (Frank) Wright, AGA Premier Appraisal Group (Richmond, VA)

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CEs & Cost
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Day 1 - Appraising Green Homes: Construction Methods & Trends*

This course is designed to provide information on the rapidly expanding field of green building and introduce participants to all phases of green residential construction, from proper siting of a home to finish material selection. The class begins with an overview of the history of green building and then explains its five key elements in detail. This will provide learners with an in-depth understanding of green building in order to equip them to competently analyze these properties in appraisal assignments. A discussion then follows of green home certification programs, their guidelines, and their possible impact on home appraisals.
Course Features: Guest Speaker

Prerequisites Clock Hours Format CEs Course Fee
None 7 Online &
Live Classroom
Online: AL, AZ, MA, NV, OR, PA, TX, WA, WI, VA, & VT
Live: 7 CEs in AL, MA, NV, OR, WA & VA
Online: $29 (without CEs); $129 (with CEs)
Live: $125-$149
(see Course Availability above for more info)
*Various partner courses have been approved to substitute for Module 1 of AGA.
Click here to view the list of qualifying courses. 

Day 2 - Appraising Green Homes: Valuation Techniques

This course is intended to provide appraisers with the information and resources needed to make well-supported and accurate valuation decisions for green properties. Beginning with an overview of the most current data available for the valuation of green homes, the course then presents the cost approach as it applies to these properties. Participants will then perform an in-depth analysis of the sales comparison approach and valuation techniques that can applied to green properties.
Course Features: Site Visits to Two Certified Green Homes

Prerequisites Clock Hours Format CEs Course Fee
Construction Methods
& Trends
7 Online &
Live Classroom
Online: AL, AZ, MA, NV, OR, PA, TX, WA, WI, VA, & VT
Live: 7 CEs in AL, MA, NV, OR, WA & VA
Online: $29 (without CEs); $129 (with CEs)
Live: $125-$149
(see Course Availability above for more info)

Day 3 - Appraising Green Homes: Advanced Applications

This accreditation course was created for appraisers looking to advance their knowledge of green home valuation and earn the Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA) designation. Valuation techniques from modules one and two will be directly applied to appraisal case studies, providing tools that can be integrated into real world practice. Passing a formal exam allows the student to use the designation of Accredited Green Appraiser.
Course Features: Accreditation Exam

Prerequisites Clock Hours Format CEs Course Fee
Valuation Techniques
7 Online &
Live Classroom
Online: Not available.
Live: 7 CEs in AL, OR, WA, & VA
Online: $79 (includes accreditation exam)
Live: $125-$149
(see Course Availability
above for more info)
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Maintaining Your Accreditation
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Appraisers must earn 4 CEs in green real estate education every 2 yrs to maintain the AGA designation: 

  • If you completed the AGA course before 6/1/2014, your renewal deadline is 6/1/2016. 
  • If you completed the AGA course after 6/1/2014, your renewal deadline is 2 years from the last day of the class. 
  • Renewals then re-occur in 2 year cycles. 

There are several opportunities to satisfy the CE requirements:

Earth Advantage Courses​

  • ​If you took AGA before 2012, we highly recommend that you take the updated course again as a referesher. AGA is offered in both live and online formats. 
  • You can visit our Education Calendar to browse courses currently being offered, or sign up for updates on other courses. 
  • CEs for an Earth Advantage course will be automatically applied to your renewal after completion. 
Approved Courses from Other Providers
  • You can browse this list of courses from other providers that Earth Advantage has approved. 
  • You will need to submit the Accreditation Renewal Form if you take a course from a provider besides Earth Advantage. 
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Find an Accredited Green Appraiser
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Looking for a qualified green appraiser that has earned our comprehensive AGA designation? Click here.

Partnerships & Licensing
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Interested in delivering our green appraisal courses in your area? Click here.