'On The Level' Webinar Series

Learn design/build best practices on building science, exterior wall insulation, and ERVs/HRVs

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Join Earth Advantage & BetterBuiltNW for this three-part webinar series on envelope building science, installing exterior insulation, and ERV/HRV design best practices. 

Back by popular demand, we are excited to be presenting a repeat of the 2022 ‘On the Level’  series. This live webinar series is one of our most attended trainings of all time and has been designed to provide tangible design principles and construction practices that can be integrated into your building process.

NW building professionals are continually looking to improve the design and construction of their homes. At the same time, the OR & WA building codes were updated in 2021 and will continue to advance in 2023, leaving many looking for practical info and insights on how to select appropriate design features and assemblies according to their unique project objectives. Each of these webinar sessions will cover the OR & WA code pathways so you can consider the benefits of these approaches and make well-informed decisions. This is essential info that will help you keep pace with the building code trajectory, stay ahead of homebuyer expectations, and increase the energy efficiency, comfort and durability of the homes you're building. 

Attend these webinars to gain field-tested recommendations from building professionals and ample opportunity for Q&A on the following critical topics:

       Using Building Science to Inform Envelope Design

           Friday, October 7  |  12-1PM (+ optional Q&A 1-1:30PM)
           Trainer: Stephen Aiguier, Green Hammer Design Build

       Practical Solutions for Selecting & Installing Exterior Insulation

           Friday, October 14  |  12-1PM (+ optional Q&A 1-1:30PM)
           Trainer: Josh Salinger, Birdsmouth Design-Build

       Design & Quality Control Best Practices for ERVs/HRVs  

           Friday, October 21  |  12-1PM (+ optional Q&A 1-1:30PM)
           Trainers: Waylon White, Earth Advantage & Alex Boetzel, Green Hammer Design Build

           Click 'More' below to see Session Descriptions for each webinar. 

 • This training series is one of the many components of the Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) online training and accreditation program designed for the NW region. Join our SHP training and gain over 15+ hours of cutting edge design and building best practices that are critical to success in today's housing market. 
 • To learn about topics covered in the 2021 'On The Level’ webinar series, visit this link.

Session Descriptions

Using Building Science to Inform Envelope Design

1-hour live webinar (+ optional Q&A) on the design considerations for science-based optimization of building enclosures. 

Join Earth Advantage’s long time SHP instructor, Stephen Aiguier, as he discusses the fundamental laws that govern the dynamic flows within a building in order to understand the interconnectedness of house systems. 

Attendees will hear different approaches and best practices for managing thermal, air, and moisture flows that affect the performance and indoor air quality in a home. You'll also analyze the field-proven benefits of different advanced insulation and air sealing options, and review moisture management strategies to gain an understanding of how to integrate these building envelope details into plans and specifications. 

Explore how properly designing and constructing a building's envelope (or thermal and moisture barrier) is essential for a comfortable, healthy, durable, and energy-efficient home.

Gain these building science fundamentals that are necessary tools to use when making design, construction and operation decisions that affect the long term resiliency of projects. 

What you’ll learn:

  1. Review the natural laws that drive the thermal, air, and moisture flows through a home.
  2. Apply the understanding of thermodynamics to evaluate different enclosure assemblies to best manage heat, air and moisture flows.
  3. Connect design and material considerations to building a comfortable, healthy, durable, and energy-efficient home.
  4. Select appropriate design features and assemblies according to project objectives.

Practical Solutions for Selecting and Installing Exterior Insulation

1-hour live webinar (+ optional Q&A) exploring the how-to’s behind adding exterior insulation to wall assemblies. 

Join Earth Advantage’s SHP instructor, Josh Salinger, as he discusses the pros vs. cons of different approaches and practical in-field installation elements.

Attendees will gain the necessary knowledge to understand the building science, durability, energy efficiency, and installation details that will need to be considered. These principles and practices will include wall design, insulation strategies, air sealing, product selection, and construction. 

Exterior wall insulation provides a solvable challenge and a significant opportunity for building pros to increase the overall energy performance of their projects. Energy code requirements to install building envelopes with less heat loss and gain, build greater resiliency, and reduce thermal bridging are leading builders and tradespeople to evaluate new wall designs and insulation strategies. When considering different code measures or pathways, the integration of exterior insulation into wall systems provides a large UA reduction (average heat transfer of wall assemblies) that can open new doors to code compliance.

The strategies that will be covered during this session will assist builders in both meeting new codes and in building homes that will produce comfort at the lowest home operating cost. (For more info, you can check out the ‘Continuous Exterior Insulation Fact Sheet’ that was recently launched by BetterBuiltNW and will be discussed during this webinar.)

Utilize the info from this training to transform your design and building practices to include the application of well-informed exterior insulation approaches.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Review the science behind how adding exterior insulation makes for a more durable, energy efficient wall assembly
  2. Review various common types of exterior insulation and their individual characteristics 
  3. Understand the challenges, opportunities, and practical solutions for applying exterior insulation onto various wall types
  4. Understand how and where to locate and integrate the other three control layers of bulk water, air and vapor into the thermal control layer of exterior insulation
  5. Select appropriate design features and assemblies according to project objectives

Design & Quality Control Best Practices for ERVs/HRVs

1-hour live webinar (+ audience Q&A) covering the spectrum of Good, Better & Best practices when designing and QC’ing heat recovery ventilator (HRV) / energy recovery ventilator (ERV) systems. 

Join Earth Advantage for this session and hear from in-the-field experts as they exchange ideas and drill down into the everyday implications and opportunities that all building professionals need to know when overseeing the proper design and installation of ERV & HRV balanced ventilation systems. 

Presenters will discuss the practical and necessary solutions that will help you ensure these systems are designed, installed and performing as expected, as well as provide insights to help you streamline your design and building practices to ensure efficient, effective ventilation systems.

Hear from EA’s Senior Manager of Green Building Technical Services, Waylon White, and Green Hammer’s Director of Operations and Sustainability, Alex Boetzel, as they each bring their unique backgrounds to the discussion: Waylon has extensive in-the-field knowledge of the types of barriers and solutions that builders face on a daily basis when pursuing Earth Advantage Home Certification, and Alex has developed an impressive quality control system for ventilation system design, installation and commissioning on Green Hammer projects.

As energy codes advance across the Northwest, requirements to install higher performing balanced and properly distributed HVAC systems inside the conditioned spaces are leading builders and tradespeople to evaluate new ERV & HRV equipment, designs and installation strategies. 

Benefit from this info that will help you meet new codes and build homes that will improve the comfort, healthy indoor air, and energy efficiency. 

What you'll learn: 

  1. Identify ERV/HRV approaches along a good, better & best spectrum of building best practices
  2. Identify ERV/HRV field-proven technologies that are currently available and provide code-compliant efficiency ratings
  3. Understand the process steps at various stages of construction for designing, installing and commissioning an effective HRV or ERV system
  4. Gain valuable installation insights and tips & tricks that will ensure effective system operation 
Questions? Contact the Education Team at education@earthadvantage.org or (503) 968-7160 x18.
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When & Where
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Friday, October 7, 2022 | Using Building Science to Inform Envelope Design
Friday, October 14, 2022 | Practical Solutions for Selecting and Installing Exterior Insulation

Friday, October 21, 2022 | Design & Quality Control Best Practices for ERVs/HRVs
12:00 - 1:00PM 
(+ optional audience Q&A for all sessions from 1-1:30PM)

Live Webinar Series
Intended for NW audiences 

CEs & Cost
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Continuing Education Credits
AIA LU/HSW: 1 CE per webinar; 3 CEs total 
OR CCB: 1 CE per webinar; 3 CEs total 
BPI: 1 CE per webinar; 3 CEs total 
ICC: 0.1 CE per webinar; 0.3 CEs total 
NATE: 1 CE for the ERV/HRV webinar only 

Course Fee
No cost (Regularly $19 per webinar)

Special Offer
Attendees of 'On The Level' will receive $50 OFF the registration fee for the Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) online training. Attend all three webinars and save $100 OFF the SHP training! 

*This training made possible thanks to BetterBuiltNW


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Architects, Builders/Contractors, Code Officials, Consultants, Developers, Program Representatives, Raters/Verifiers, Subcontractors

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Stephen Aiguier
Stephen Aiguier: Stephen founded Green Hammer in 2002, evolving the business into a full service design-build firm committed to advancing the highest standards for green building. An SHP, Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC), and building science expert, he has been a pioneer of Oregon’s green building movement and has been involved with many of the nation's highest scoring LEED Platinum Homes and first residential and commercial Passive House buildings in the Pacific NW. Stephen has been invited to speak at every major green building conference across the country and he has taught the SHP course annually since 2010.
Alexander Boetzel
Alexander Boetzel: Alex is Head of Residential Innovations at Earth Advantage and applies his 30 years of experience in sustainable design and construction to research and training, helping to make the benefits of high-performance building available to everyone. Alex has deep knowledge of building science and its real-world applications and is an expert in low-carbon building assemblies and systems. Since 2006 Alex has worked and consulted on some of the first LEED for Home, Passive House, and Zero Energy projects in the Pacific Northwest, including the first commercial Living Building in Oregon and the largest ZE multifamily projects in the PNW.
Waylon White
Waylon White: Waylon is the Senior Manager of Green Building Technical Services at Earth Advantage and has over 20 years of construction experience with a wide variety of building types and a sharp focus on high performance design and construction. At EA, Waylon has been instrumental in refining and delivering Earth Advantage’s New Home, Multifamily, and LEED certification programs since 2013. Before joining the Earth Advantage team, Waylon was a residential energy auditor and weatherization contractor in and around the Portland metro area for several years.
Josh Salinger
Josh Salinger: Joshua Salinger is founder and principle of Birdsmouth Design-Build in Portland, OR. Birdsmouth is a residential Design-Build firm focused on addressing climate change through the built environment through zero energy new homes and deep energy retrofits. He is an instructor for both Earth Advantage’s Sustainable Homes Professional program and PHIUS’ Certified Passive House Builder training program. He sits on the board of Passive House Northwest and also sits on the technical committee of Zero Energy Ready Oregon. Additionally, he is an EEBA Zero Energy Home Professional, an ‘Expert Member’ on Green Building Advisor and contributes content to Fine Homebuilding magazine. Please learn more about Birdsmouth Design Build and see examples of their work at www.birdsmouthpdx.com.


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