ADU Update: Taxation, Waiver & Zoning Changes in Portland

Info on ADU taxation issues, system development charges, & zoning code updates in 2016

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ADUs are now back on track in Portland! Join us for this 1-hr recorded webinar that will provide you the latest info on ADU taxation issues, system development charges, and zoning code updates that occurred in Portland, OR in 2016. 

OR take our All About ADUs course that covers all these topics and more, plus provides attendees with an ADU Specialist designation!

The All About ADUs course is a half-day course is intended for brokers who are looking to increase their knowledge about Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) development and earn the ADU Specialist designation in order to respond to increasing client demand for properties with ADU potential. Learn more >>

Questions? Contact Heather Kendall at or (503) 968-7160 x20.
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Learning Objectives
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April 2016 statewide rulemaking by the Oregon Department of Revenue to return ADU taxation in Multnomah County back to original tax method:
 • Overview of rulemaking process and Measure 50 property tax regulation and calculations 
 • Tax impacts of various types of structural improvements and ADU's under new interpretation 
April 2016 decision by the Portland City Council to extend the System Development Charge (SDC) waiver (saving homeowners $8,000-17,000 in fees) until July 31, 2018:
 • Historical and future analysis of SDC fees and waiver extensions in City of Portland 
 • How to plan for future ADU financing and development in order to take advantage of the fee waiver 
January 2016 changes to Accessory Structure Zoning Code for accessory structures in the City of Portland:
 • New standards that significantly increase the flexibility of detached ADU placement and design 
 • Common ways that homeowners will use these new code standards for ADU development

CEs & Cost
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Course Fee
$10 | General Admission
Sign up for an additional 2nd and 3rd webinar and you'll get a 4th one free! ​ 

Continuing Education
OR Real Estate Agency: 1 CE  
Earth Advantage Broker Renewal: 1 CE 
Accred. Green Appraiser Renewal: 1 CE

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Appraisers, Real Estate Professionals

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Kol Peterson
Kol Peterson: Owner of Accessory Dwelling Strategies LLC
Kol is the owner of Accessory Dwelling Strategies LLC, a company dedicated to ADU related education, advocacy and consulting. Kol edits and manages and and, websites that address ADU policy issues, best practices, and feature an array of ADU projects. He also teaches ADU classes through Earth Advantage wherein brokers can earn an ADU Specialist Designation. Kol also runs Portland's city-wide ADU tour, and does ADU related teaching, speaking and consulting for a variety of audiences.


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