City of Portland Home Energy Score logoEarth Advantage is supporting the implementation of the City of Portland’s Home Energy Score program. 

The City of Portland Home Energy Score program went into effect on January 1, 2018 and requires homes listed for sale in the Portland real estate market to receive a Home Energy Score, which provides information on a home’s relative energy performance. 

Earth Advantage plays two primary roles to support the City of Portland:

1. Real Estate Industry Support: Earth Advantage provides webinars and online training to real estate professionals on the City of Portland Home Energy Score program and other related topics. Real estate firms and title companies are also welcome to engage with Earth Advantage-approved trainers who can provide in-person presentations on the program. 
List of Approved Trainers Here >>

2. Quality Assurance: Earth Advantage implements program quality assurance on behalf of the City of Portland. This role includes ensuring that prospective Home Energy Assessors have the obtained the required training and credentials, mentoring new Home Energy Assessors, and reviewing Home Energy Score assessments done by Home Energy Assessors authorized to participate in the City of Portland Home Energy Score program.

List of Authorized Home Energy Assessors Here >>
List of Designated Pre-construction Home Energy Assessors Here >>

For Energy Assessors

City of Portland Home Energy Assessor Participation Agreement
Download the Assessor Participation Agreement Here >>

Interested in becoming a City of Portland Home Energy Assessor, download the roadmap.
Download the HESO Assessor 2017 Roadmap Here >>

Current List of Software Vendors Available for the Portland Program

Company: I.D. Energy Powered by Inspection Depot
Software: Paperless Inspectors
Contact: Brent Loya
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 866-499-4921

Company: OptiMiser, LLC
Software: OptiMiser
Contact: Ryan Moore
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 413-624-6204

Company: Snugg Home, LLC
Software: Snugg Pro & Snugg Score
Contact: Adam Stenftenagel
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 720-663-7836

Company: US Department of Energy
Software: Home Energy Scoring Tool