Oregon Home Energy Score Program

The Oregon Home Energy Score program went into effect on June 1, 2019 to allow qualified and certified home energy assessors across the state of Oregon to conduct home energy assessments and issue an official state of Oregon, Home Energy Score Report.

Earth Advantage's Role in the Oregon Home Energy Score Program:

  1. Quality Assurance: Earth Advantage implements program quality assurance on behalf of the state of Oregon, Department of Energy. This role includes ensuring that prospective Home Energy Assessors have the obtained the required training and credentials, mentoring new Home Energy Assessors, and reviewing Home Energy Score assessments done by Home Energy Assessors authorized to participate in the Oregon Home Energy Score program.
  2. Utilization of the Green Building Registry® software platform to pass verfied information to the real estate market and generate the official state of Oregon Home Energy Score Report. 

Find An Assessor Outside of Portland

A complete list of qualified Oregon Home Energy Score program assessors. 
(Check back throughout 2019 as more assessors take the training and become qualified in your area)

For Home Energy Assessors

Orientation begins this June, 2019. Please download the participation agreement and follow the steps needed prior to orientation. Visit our training page to see when the next orientation class is being offered.

Download Key Documents for Becoming a Qualified Oregon Home Energy Asssessor Below:

Oregon Home Energy Assessor Participation Agreement Download the Assessor Participation Agreement Here >> 

Download the ODOE Roadmap Here >>