TBS Wall Case Study image

Improving Energy Efficiency and
Seismic Resiliency in Older Housing Stock

March, 2018

A Case Study on the TBS Wall Assembly

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Codes Analysis Study Image

Energy Code Cost Analysis Study

December 2, 2016

Cost Analysis of Potential
Energy Code Improvements

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Home Valuation Study

October 2015

The Market Valuation of Energy Efficient and
Green Certified Northwest Homes.‚Äč With support from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

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Northwest Building Best Practices Guides

July 2015

Three printable posters that provide builders with detailed information on mini-split technology, thermal enclosures, and HRV system best practices. Download the individual posters using the links below:

HRV Best Practices for NW >>
Thermal Enclosure: Efficient Walls & Airtightness >>
Mini-split Technology in New Construction >>

High Performance Appraisal Addendum

Updated January 2017

A high performance home data cost addendum for builders and contractors to provide detailed high performance improvements to professional appraisers and real estate professionals.

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Residential Development & Green Certification: A Case Study

October 2014

A case study highlighting the financial benefits to green and high performance fully certified communities.

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Accessory Dwelling Unit Financing Guide

October 2014

A snapshot of the ADU financing options available in the Portland, Oregon metro area during the fall of 2014.

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Home Energy Labels
A Policy Playbook

July 2014

As part of a Bullitt Foundation-initiated project aimed at developing technical, administrative, and marketing best practices in residential energy labeling and disclosure, a project team led by Earth Advantage conducted dozens of interviews and roundtable sessions with key industry stakeholders in the home building, real estate, lending and appraising, home performance contracting, and remodeling industries in Oregon and Washington.

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A Practitioner's Guide to Appraising ADUs

May 2014

Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) are an emerging type of residential development with unique legal uses. This short guide outlines the best practices to follow when valuing a property with an ADU.

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Energy Ratings on Property Tax Records
A Policy Analysis

Februrary 2014

One pathway for making home energy ratings more visible to the real estate market is to include them as part of official government property records, such as on property tax records. Washington State University Energy Program and Earth Advantage sought to investigate the process, means, and barriers to recording energy ratings in property tax records. Research focused on Kitsap County, WA, but drew information from a wide array of jurisdictions. Therefore the general principles drawn from this inquiry can be applied broadly.

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Cost Premiums for Select High Performance
Building Components

Februrary 2014

Between August 1 and September 6, 2013, Earth Advantage contacted 53 builders in Oregon and SW Washington by email and phone to request the confidential access to cost data for select high performance buildings features.

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Regional Energy Rating & Disclosure
for Pacific Northwest Homes

April 2013

The assessment is an introduction to this policy topic and the first step in a multi-stage project to support a regional framework for residential energy ratings and disclosure policies. As part of a broader project funded by the Bullitt Foundation, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, and Washington State University Energy Program, EA is working to support the widespread adoption of residential energy benchmarking and disclosure policies and programs. 

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