Why Pre-Construction?

The pre-construction Home Energy Score process is somewhat different than a typical Home Energy Score assessment. A pre-construction assessment is based on floor plans rather than collecting data in the field and requires knowledge that some Home Energy Score Assessors (HEAs) might not currently possess. Because a pre-construction score is a relatively new feature for Home Energy Score, the US Department of Energy and City of Portland Home Energy Score trainings did not address this type of assessment. Because of this, we are now providing more tools and resources to clarify the process and ensure that all interested HEAs can deliver a pre-construction score if you chose to provide that service. 

A New Designation

Earning a designation for pre-construction assessments allows assessors to be listed on this page to indicate they are knowledgeable in completing pre-construction scores. This designation allows potential clients who visit the site page looking for someone to complete a pre-construction Home Energy Score to easily locate a qualified assessor.

Assessors receive this designation by doing the following:

Current Designated Pre-construction Assessors

Zach Brown 
Tabor Northwest Home Inspections & Energy Assessments

Amanda Troxler
Orion Energy Score, LLC

Peter Kernan
Jackie Zusi-Russell

Community Energy Project

Laura Klement
Enerstructa llc

Brian Denne
William Hardy

John Streeter

Home Energy Score.com LLC

Indika Sugathadasa