Custom IT Solutions Built to Accelerate building energy efficiency

We partner with the public and private sector to build or enhance IT solutions that help to reduce the climate impact of the built environment.  

For over ten years Earth Advantage has been developing, and supporting SaaS and database solutions. Our core IT development strategy is to enhance or build energy efficiency and building data products that fill current gaps in the market. Our vision is to help create a more equitable and humane real estate marketplace. A partial list of our past and current projects include: 

  • Home Energy Fit™ 
    Earth Advantage funded DOE Home Energy Score program management, remote assessment, and quality assurance, and rebate platform. Intended to support both HES programs as well as general remote data collection for home energy assessments. (access is invite only)

  • Green Building Registry®
    Earth Advantage funded building performance database and custom API designed to provide validated building performance data to the real estate market.

  • Building Performance Database (BPD)
    DOE building data analysis tool. Earth Advantage designed the UI/UX, built custom analysis functionality and currently hosts the front-end platform that connects with the BPD API.

  • Laboratory Fume Hood Energy Modeler
    The fume hood calculator is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Federal Energy Management Program and hosted by Berkeley Lab. Earth Advantage redesigned the UI/UX and rebuilt the calculator backend to provide better functionality and updated maintenance.

  • eProjectBuilder (ePB)
    A DOE platform hosted by Berkeley Lab that provides web-based data management, primarily for ESCOs related to their portfolio of energy projects. Earth Advantage has supplied on-going development support to the project since 2020.

  • SEED® Platform
    US DOE Standard Energy Efficiency Database Platform. Earth Advantage built databases for Portland, OR and San Diego, CA, provided support with tools that auto-process data from SEED through BEDES and Portfolio Manager. Earth Advantage is also an official SEED host.

Our primary strategic focus is to support the acceleration of home performance energy effiency upgrades in the residential real estate market through streamlined data collection and distribution using the DOE Home Energy Score and RESNET's HERS® Index labels.