LEED v3 Green Rater Training (401)

July 18-19, 2017 | Portland, OR | 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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Green Raters provide in-the-field verification services at each and every LEED BD+C: Homes and LEED BD+C: Multifamily Midrise Project.

Green Raters play a critical part in LEED for Homes certification. With tens of thousands of registered projects, the demand for qualified Green Raters is growing every day.

Green Raters are responsible for:

  • Providing on-site verification services on a LEED-registered Homes project
  • Assembling the Project Submittal Package and submitting it for certification review
  • Verifying that the home is designed and built to the rigorous requirements of the rating system through onsite verification.
  • Green Raters must be involved with the project from the design phase (prior to a preliminary rating) and throughout the construction process.
  • Project teams interested in certifying a Homes project must contact a Green Rater.

All Green Raters work with Homes Provider Organizations to complete the verification process for each BD+C: Homes and BD+C: Multifamily Midrise project. Providers provide quality assurance oversight for each Green Rater. Providers are local organizations authorized by GBCI based on demonstrated experience and expertise in residential green building and on-site verification.

Steps to becoming a Green Rater

Please make sure to review all eligibility requirements prior to pursuing the Green Rater certificate. Prior to the live 2-day Green Rater training, participants must: 

  1. ​Submit eligibility qualifications to GBCI and gain approval
  2. Complete Part 1: Online Learning Modules and send Earth Advantage a certificate of completion (which can be generated/printed via the online course platform).

Why is Green Rater Training still being offered with v3 (2008) curriculum?

  • Green Rater exam is still based on v2008.
    • Training curriculum is currently being updated to V4 along with GR Exam.
  • How much of content applies to V4?
    • Much of training and exam content is RS version agnostic, e.g. roles and responsibilities, concepts of 3rd- party verification, best practices, etc.
    • Actual credits and associated verification requirements differ, as well as certification submittal requirements.
  • V4 training is available as an online (free) resource to entire Verification Team Network (GRs and QADs).

Questions? Contact Heather Kendall at hkendall@earthadvantage.org or (503) 968-7160 x20. 

CEs & Cost
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General Admission: $600

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Randy Hansell:

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars

I loved it. Best class ever! - Ryan LaPoma

Me too. Totes awesome. - Erik Cathcart