Partner Event: High Performance Homes Training for Code Officials

November 30, 2017 | Medford, OR | 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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Learn the essentials of building science and examine common building features and techniques being utilized by new home builders that achieve EPSTM (Energy Performance Score) from Energy Trust of Oregon.

The course will provide an overview of how builders participating in Energy Trust of Oregon’s New Homes Program are constructing residential structures to achieve EPS, a third party verification that signals high levels of energy efficiency. You will learn the why, how and where the most current building techniques and materials are being used to create high performing homes, and how the EPS standard helps the building industry prepare for increases in energy efficiency standards that are required in future code cycles.

Why does EPS matter to code officials?

The new Oregon residential code that takes effect in October 2017 represents an approx. 9% increase in the energy efficiency requirement from the previous code standard. Similar increases in standards are expected to occur in future code cycles, and above-code EPS-rated homes help the building industry prepare for these changes. The high performance home of today can be considered the code home of tomorrow, and this training will provide code officials with insights into the features and approaches builders are using today and how they factor into code changes in 2017 and beyond.

What is EPS?

EPS-rated homes are built and tested to exceed code minimum energy standards. With EPS, home buyers are able to compare how similar-sized homes use energy, review the features that make energy-efficient homes stand out, and even see the estimated utility costs before they buy. To determine the score, a third-party verifier analyzes the home’s features and construction techniques and tests performance factors such as air leakage and duct tightness. Builders that use EPS can also qualify for incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon. EPS has become the industry standard for new homes across Oregon, as nearly 40% of new home construction statewide has earned above code standards through third party verification and a total of 7 neighborhoods across Central Oregon that require EPS for 100% of homes built within their development.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review building science concepts of thermodynamics, energy, and heat transfer
  • Learn about air movement and it’s effects on the thermal boundary’s insulating capacity
  • Gain an understanding of the features and techniques that go into EPS-rated high performance homes
  • Understand new home building approaches, technologies, and emerging wall systems
  • Look at an overview of solar technology and solar ready infrastructure
  • Anticipate future increases in energy code standards
Questions? Contact Heather Kendall at or (503) 968-7160 x20.

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*Made possible in part by the support of Energy Trust of Oregon®

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John Spillman
John Spillman: John is a trainer and technical consultant with Earth Advantage. He teaches classes to Energy Auditors, Builders, Architects/Designers, Real Estate Professionals and Building Code officials. John has been promoting sustainable building and energy efficiency in both new and existing residential construction with Earth Advantage since 2009. John’s construction background is in residential remodeling. He is currently a certified building analyst professional with the Building Performance Institute, and a LEED for Homes Green Rater. John earned a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from University of California, Davis.