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Our goal is that our Zero Energy and Zero Energy Ready certifications will be the standard way that all houses are built by 2030. The path to successfully achieving that goal is through working with builders today and sharing the knowledge we've gained. Building practices have progressed to the point that zero energy is now a cost-effective solution available to a mainstream homebuyer.

A zero energy home is defined as one that generates as much energy as it consumes, over the course of a year. The Zero Energy Ready certification is similar but allows a builder to enter the zero energy market at a lower cost. The home is “ready” for adding the actual physical renewable systems (like solar panels) at a later date and built to the same rigorous performance specifications of a Zero Energy certified home.

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What is Zero Energy?

Earth Advantage defines "zero energy" as a home that generates as much energy on site as it uses over the course of each year. A minimum of 90% of the annual energy load as determined by REM/Rate™ energy modeling must be met through predicted onsite PV production. This model assumes full occupancy, and/or number of bedrooms plus one.

What is Zero Energy Ready?

Earth Advantage Zero Energy Ready homes must meet the same specifications for Zero Energy certification, less the actual renewable energy systems. Zero Energy certification requires proper roof orientation, roof pitch, and roof area as well as EPA solar-ready compliance.

How Does a Home Obtain the Zero Certification?

Earth Advantage Platinum certification is required – which ensures all five pillars of sustainability are met.
The threshold for Zero Energy will be determined using REM/Rate™ energy modeling annual total energy consumption figures and assumes normal homeowner behavior and occupancy.

Zero Energy Certification Contact

Ryan Shanahan

Ryan Shanahan

Zero Energy Certification Manager