Builders Using Earth Advantage Certification

The following list of builders have contracted with Earth Advantage to use our certification standards. All of the builders below comply with our rigorous inspections and work with us to ensure their homes are built more sustainably. Using a points worksheet in combination with sophisticated energy modeling, each builder chooses a pathway toward the certification level they wish to achieve for each home. 

Central Oregon

Robert Camel
Baxter Builders
Bend Craftsmen Company
Choice One Builders LLC
Sun Forest Construction
DE Rink Construction
The Grout Company
Makena Built Custom Homes
Nordic Construction LLC
Alcove Construction Inc.
Santiam Inc
Burnham Building Company
Stone Bridge Homes NW
Danny Dark Quality Construction
Visionary Homes
G.A. Vendrame Construction
JS Contracting Inc.
Brett Morgan Custom Construction
Phil Chavez Construction
Rogue Brothers Construction
B & C Building
Skylight Homebuilders
CNC Homes
Duey Built
Ellis Design/Build, LLC
Heritage Homes NW
Mike Knighten Construction
Palmer Homes
Arbor Builders
Simplicity Homes LLC
Cascade Builders & Associates
Darryl Storey Construction Inc.
Yelas Custom Homes
Greg Welch Construction
Leader Builders, LLC
New Era Homes
Allybrooke Custom Homes
Sage Builders
Black Rock Construction
Stone by Stone
Curtis Homes
Tyee Development Inc
Fusion Home Builders
Jim St John Construction, LLC
Michael Wilkins Construction, LLC
Phil Henderson Homes
River NW Enterprises
Project ^
Sister Habitat
Cloninger Custom Homes
Sunwest Builders
Dream Home Building & Design LLC
Hackbath Builders
Meloling Construction Services
Ollin Construction
Always Homes
Semon & Cross Custom Builders
Cameron Contracting
Structure Development NW
Daniel MacNaughton Inc.
WE-BE Homes
GFL Construction Company
KD Construction Services, Inc
MWP Construction
Pine River Homes
Allen Contracting
Salvesen Homes LLC
Bend Area Habitat for Humanity
SolAire Homebuilders
Construction Services and Inspections
Trevin Duey
FRC Design Builders
JD Neel Construction Inc.
Mike Huitt Construction
PD Construction