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August Builder of the Month


August Builder of the Month

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Everett Custom Homes specializes in building a wide variety of sustainable new homes that bring distinct style to Portland’s diverse neighborhoods. From timeless bungalows to modern and prairie styles, each home offers innovative design, premiere finishes, and high-efficiency features to last a lifetime.

Family-owned and native to Portland, we are personally invested in the fabric of this community. As a father and son team with a combined lifetime of experience, the Remmers’ loyal family values, love for Portland, and progressive approach to new construction give Everett a unique edge in this industry.

Everett works to restore the physical and financial health of struggling communities by removing hazardous structures and building healthy, sustainable new homes in their place. Partnering with the Rebuilding Center’s DeConstruction Services, run-down houses are deconstructed piece by piece to make way for a fresh start, ensuring that any reusable material is salvaged. Each new home is thoughtfully designed to preserve the character of Portland’s historic neighborhoods while adding their own unique style and the best in modern conveniences. Through this process, Everett is able to increase homeownership opportunities and meet the needs of city’s evolving lifestyles.

Since our humble beginning in 2009 of starting just 11 new homes, Everett has evolved into a Hall of Fame Earth Advantage builder and is recognized locally and nationally for surpassing high-performance standards at high-volume production levels.

Everett is a rare new construction builder included in the National Register of Historic Places, having built a new home on Portland’s coveted Peacock Lane, and is a proud participant in the 2019 NW Natural Street of Dreams. Through diversity, innovation, and philanthropy the Everett team is determined to increase healthy homeownership opportunities for our great communities.
Everett Custom Homes NW
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