Energy Bill Guarantee

How does the guarantee work?

1 A report is produced for your Earth Advantage certified home that states the predicted yearly energy usage for your home.

2 If your annual utility bill exceeds the amount predicted* by Earth Advantage,

3 we will refund you the difference each year annually, for up to three years after closing on your new home.

*Under normal operating and occupancy conditions

This guarantee is good for three years after closing on your new home, and is fully transfereable to the new homeowner should you decide to move during that time. The new buyer must pay a $50 fee and sign a new Energy Bill Guarantee Contract.

FAQs About the Energy Bill Guarantee

How is is possible that Earth Advantage knows what my energy use will be?

Each Earth Advantage certified home is energy modeled with computer software that takes into account all of the facets of the home that contribute to energy efficiency. Insulation levels, window quality, efficiencies of: mechanical systems, appliances, light bulbs as well as the results of performance testing on the home and ductwork all factor into this energy model. Using this information the energy modeling software can accurately predict how much energy a home will use under normal use.

How does Earth Advantage define normal?

Earth Advantage assumes the number of people in the house is the number of bedrooms plus one. For example, a 3 bedroom house assumes 4 people. Thermostats are assumed to be set no higher than 72 degrees in the winter and no lower than 75 degrees in the summer.

The Energy Bill Guarantee is intended to reinforce the value of your home in real terms—energy savings. As a savvy consumer who has purchased a high-performance home, we know you’re already ahead of the curve when it comes to being concerned about your energy usage and the environment. The normal simply assumes a standard number of people in the home and removes any energy-hog extras like hot tubs or swimming pools.

What about extreme temperature swings during those one or two weeks during the year when temperatures can reach 100º or dip below zero?

To account for this we use industry standard weather normalization data. This data includes the extreme temperature days Oregonians expect every year.

Have you simply built in a buffer to allow for variance to avoid paying a claim?

No. The Energy Bill Guarantee is based on the energy score your home receives with no added variance or buffer.

What if my energy usage goes over the estimated amounts, even under normal conditions?

If your energy bills are in excess of the guarantee, submit any claims in writing, with copies of the monthly energy billing information within 90 days of the end of each annual period of the guarantee. Submit your information to:
    Earth Advantage
    c/o Energy Bill Guarantee Claim
    808 SW 3rd Avenue, Ste. 800
    Portland, OR 97204