August Builder of the Month

Ethan Beck Homes

Ethan Beck Homes was founded in 2007 to realize this guiding principle: “Our vision is to add to the beauty and character of Portland neighborhoods for generations to come while reducing our homes’ impact on the environment.” Ethan Beck Homes focuses on infill construction throughout Portland, and in Hood River, and has successfully completed projects across a wide range of project types, styles, and scales–from single-family homes to duplexes and multi-unit townhomes.
Ethan Beck started the company to pursue an interest in sustainable building practices, and he hasn't veered from this direction in his first eleven years of building. The company's culture is defined by a consistent commitment to improving our practices. Ethan Beck Homes understands that each project poses a unique set of challenges and that innovation comes from the process of reaching effective solutions. Underneath all of Ethan Beck Homes' success lies a foundation of clear and thorough communication–both within project teams and extending out to clients.
An Ethan Beck home can be defined by an abundance of natural light, healthy air quality, durable materials, highly efficient mechanical systems, and open, comfortable spaces. These characteristics add up to an ease of living that allows the homeowners to focus on the things that matter. Two past projects, Waverley Commons and Tabor Terrace, are great examples of the Ethan Beck Homes approach, in which new neighborhoods and communities are created within the dense urban fabric.
Ethan Beck Homes has benefited tremendously from its partnership with Earth Advantage. In addition to Earth Advantage's capacity as a third-party verifier that ensures that our details, installations, and systems are up to their high standards, they also serve as an invaluable sounding board for new products or building approaches. In 2016, Ethan Beck Homes was awarded the Hall of Fame Award, and in 2017, we were awarded the Custom Builder of the Year award. The relationship between Earth Advantage and Ethan Beck Homes is a vital piece of our commitment to continual improvement from project to project.