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Certifications Team

The Earth Advantage certifications team consists of 12 consultants with a combined knowledge of residential and commerical construction totally 176 years.

Highlights of the Certifications Team at Earth Advantage

  • 14,500+ Earth Advantage Homes certified to-date with a minimum of two on-site inspections and performance testing per home
  • 5,000 multifamily units certified with 65 years of combined experience in commercial construction
  • Significant contributors to the development of LEED for Homes, as well as the 4th largest LEED for Homes Provider in the nation
  • Most of the staff is HERS or BPI accredited and we have a PHIUS + Rater and Certified Passive House Consultant on the team
  • Energy modelers have modeled over 3,000 homes for Energy Trust of Oregon’s EPS program
  • Verified over 20 net zero projects to our own rigorous net zero standard 
  • Verified the largest Passive House multi-family project in the U.S.
  • Over 31 years of home building experience as owners or managers
  • Home building experience spans most product types; stick built, panelized, ICFs, SIPs, and modular
  • Executive director built the NAHB National Green Custom Home of the Year in 2003
  • Executive director built the first Net Zero home in Portland in 2004

Key Contacts for Earth Advantage Certification Programs:

Peter Brown

Peter Brown
Director of Building Certifications
Residential & Commercial

(503) 968-7160 x11

Randy Hansell

Randy Hansell
LEED for Homes Program Manager
Residential & Multifamily

(503) 968-7160 x47

Matt Douglas

Matt Douglas
Senior Green Building Consultant
New Homes/Remodel/Multifamily
Central, Oregon

(503) 968-7160 x46

Ryan Shanahan

Ryan Shanahan
Senior Green Building Consultant
Net Zero/Passive House/New Homes/Remodel

(503) 968-7160 x27


Eric Foley
Green Building Consultant
Multifamily/LEED® for Homes

(503) 968-7160 x23

Waylon White

Waylon White
Green Certification Field Manager
Technical Oversite and Quality Control

(503) 968-7160 x30

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