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Performance Homes, LLC

Building with EA since 2008
(503) 515-7615
10400 SW Cottonwood
Tualatin, OR 97062
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David & Tina Cady

Dave and Tina founded Performance Homes in 2008. As Sustainable Homes Professionals (SHP), their focus on building certified energy efficient homes has grown with the public’s awareness of the need to conserve our resources. Dave has 27 years in building and land development pioneering projects as large as development consulting on the South Hillsboro addition to the city to designing and building his Net Zero personal residence and has worked for both national and local home builders before starting his own. Tina has a Master’s Degree in International Business with a focus in Sustainable Development and has 10 years in building, Real Estate and title/escrow.


Established in 2008, Performance Homes is based in the Portland Metro area and strives to create healthy, safe, comfortable and energy efficient homes. Performance Homes built one of the first Earth Advantage certified homes to receive an Energy Performance Score (EPS) in Lane County and has gone on to certify each home that has been built since. Our passion is to reduce the impact of residential building by working in harmony with our resources and stay in tuned with the most current research, products and practices in areas such as construction practices, water reclamation, healthy living and alternative energy all while making a home that is pleasing to the eye and inviting to the owners.


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