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Valuing Energy Efficiency in the Real Estate Transaction

A critical market driver for the clean energy economy is the real estate market fully and accurately valuing a high performance home during the sales and appraisal process. Earth Advantage is both a lead researcher and key advisor for numerous market valuation research studies that ascertain whether a premium has been associated to high performance homes by homebuyers in different markets. These valuation research studies focus on diverse geographies, from single municipalities to entire regions, as well as different types of high performance homes.

Assessing the Indoor Air Quality of Energy Upgraded Homes

Whole home energy efficiency upgrades impact more than a home’s energy use. When done right, a higher performing home can also see improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and become more comfortable for its inhabitants. By assessing homes before and after they have undergone whole home energy upgrades implemented by certified home performance contractors, Earth Advantage is determining what type of non-energy benefits accrue to homeowners, utilities, and the broader community.

Best Practices in New Home Construction

Energy efficiency is a critical consideration for builders, but it is not the only consideration. The energy that goes into manufacturing the materials that go into a home can have greater environmental impact than the actual energy use of the home. Similarly, to be successful, energy efficiency must be coupled with a consideration for proper ventilation and other indoor air quality issues. Earth Advantage conducts research related to analyzing the life cycle of building materials and investigating building ventilation testing methodologies. 

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