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Residential Energy Scoring and Disclosure

Earth Advantage is a national leader in the research and development of residential energy scoring and disclosure programs, products, and policies. Earth Advantage was at the forefront of early research of residential energy scoring systems, in partnership with the Energy Trust of Oregon. Since then, we provide assistance to governments, utilities, and industry associations across the nation in conceiving, designing, and implementing residential energy scoring and disclosure programs and policies. We work to create an outcome that advances the goals of the partner organization and is customized to the needs of their specific constituencies. 

Residential Building Energy Codes

Earth Advantage assists federal, state, and local government and utility partners with support on the research, design, and implementation of new building energy codes, including “reach” codes. Once codes are in place, we support compliance efforts that ensure the full range of energy savings are realized. We work to ensure that likely or frequent compliance issues are identified. We also develop training and education programs that are relevant, accessible, and tailored to the needs of the local residential building industry.

Valuing Energy Efficiency in the Real Estate Market

From ensuring that Multiple Listing Services’ include energy and green data fields to working with local and state governments to add energy scores to official property tax records, Earth Advantage is a national leader in policy development that supports the accurate market valuation of high performance homes. 

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