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Building Innovation is Thriving in Central Oregon

This past weekend the Green and Solar Tour, presented by The Environmental Center, showcased the commitment of Central Oregon designers, builders and developers to produce ever more efficient and sustainable living spaces. The week leading up to the Green and Solar tour was The Energy Challenge Week.  There were presentations, workshops and electric car test drives.  The homes on Saturday’s Green and Solar tour ranged from an Earth Advantage Zero Energy ADU to an Earth Advantage Multi-Family apartment building. The well attended event is a staple in the Central Oregon housing market. Providing builders, Realtors and home buyers a chance to view green and sustainable home construction. This year there was also a tour a 10MW solar farm covering 62 acres east of Bend.
Builders in Central Oregon are using various innovative techniques to build some really great homes, and they continue to demonstrate leadership in the construction of Zero Energy Homes. So far, this year there have been 3 homes in Central Oregon that have been awarded the Earth Advantage Zero Energy certification level. Additionally, there are several other Central Oregon homes in various stages of construction pursuing Earth Advantage Zero Energy certification. This is quite an achievement, as our Zero Energy certification verifies that a building produces enough electricity from on-site renewables to offset at least 90% of the total modeled (ie- projected) annual energy load of that building.
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