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Add Value by Building Solar Ready

Solar ready construction is a great way to add value to your homes at a very minimal cost. The process involves prepping the home for solar—making sure there’s adequate roof space for a future system, installing conduit, and leaving room for solar components—so the buyer can seamlessly make the jump to a full solar installation when the time is right.

Solar Installation pictureThis technique is becoming more and more popular among builders throughout Oregon, where many buyers are intrigued by the idea of producing their own clean energy. For Mike Frey, vice president of Noyes Development Co., building solar ready is a simple, smart move that fits right in line with his company’s commitment to quality construction.

“We do a lot of things in our homes that are related to quality, longevity and efficiency, and the solar ready piece is just another part of that arsenal that we can offer,” said Frey. “For really little to no cost to us—it’s mostly just coordination and time, trying to make sure we get the designs right and keep roof lines clear—it gives people the opportunity to have a fast, easy solar installation.”
Over the past couple of years, Noyes Development Co. has started making solar ready a standard feature in its homes. The company has also taken steps to further simplify the solar process for buyers by partnering with SolarCity, an all-in-one solar provider and installer.

“They’re going to do all the work for you,” said Frey. “So all you have to do is periodically sign some paperwork and make your home accessible for a couple of inspections. The crews are fast and efficient when they show up to do the work, and it’s a pretty easy process.”
That’s music to the ears of energy-savvy homebuyers. Smooth, simple, seamless—just the way it’s supposed to be when a solar ready home goes solar.

Looking to build solar ready in Oregon?
Energy Trust of Oregon offers a number of resources for builders of solar ready homes. For more information on available resources and incentives in your area, email Energy Trust’s trade ally coordinator at or call 1.877.283.0698.
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