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High Performance Building Envelopes

Explore various strategies to design and build energy-efficient wall and roof assemblies

High Performance Building Envelopes
The concepts behind high performance wall and roof construction are now within the reach of all designers, architects, builders, and remodelers.

This course explores various high performance wall and roof assemblies, including continuous exterior insulation, truss walls, double-stud walls, SIPS, staggered stud framing, I-joist, and more. Participants learn principles that can be applied to existing homes and new construction projects, including durable wall design, insulation strategies and air sealing, product selection, and construction. The course addresses the importance of performance testing and diagnostics to verify the performance of installed equipment and the home’s envelope. 

Course Features:

  • Day 1: Guest speaker presentation
  • ​Day 2: Two site visits to certified green homes 

Learning Objectives

  • Describe high performance building methods for insulation, air sealing, and weatherization
  • Select appropriate design features and assemblies according to project objectives
  • List methods for building high performance roofs for both new and existing homes
  • Identify when and by whom these methods are used during the pre-insulation, post-drywall, and siding installation phases of construction
  • Explain the importance of performance testing and diagnostics to verify the performance of installed equipment and the home’s envelope

Want to learn more? This High Performance Building Envelopes course actually forms Module 3 of our interactive 6-month Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) accreditation course.

Questions? Contact Heather Kendall at or (503) 968-7160 x20
"The class was fabulous. Stephen absolutely cleared my thinking about moisture control, particularly vapor in walls. I feel encouraged and ready to move forward in the direction of passive house in all projects where I can apply these techniques."

— Joseph Engum, Builder/Remodeler  |  Housecraft Building & Renovation

"Very informative and insightful on building envelopes!"

— Jimmy Jen, Engineer  |  Energy Performance Engineering

"I found the whole class extremely informative."

— Anonymous Survey Participant

"Lots of information to absorb - enjoyed it very much."

— Anonymous Survey Participant

"It is a fabulous class that brings to mind the necessity to plan ahead and to "think" about the environment and the technology that we have at our disposal, and to meld the two. We can now educate our clients!!"

— Anonymous Survey Participant

Course Fee
General Admission: $275 

Want to learn more? This High Performance Building Envelopes course forms Module 3 of our interactive 
6-month Sustainable Homes Professional accreditation course.
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