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Earth Advantage® Remodeler Training

Become an EA Remodeler and certify existing homes to be healthier, more durable and more efficient

Earth Advantage® 
Remodeler Training

Energy Trust Trade Allies can receive reimbursement for this training.
Email Heidi Goetz for pre-approval. 

The Earth Advantage Remodel Certification program provides a clear pathway for homeowners to upgrade their homes to high performance standards. Accredited EA Remodelers benefit from increased credibility and the ability to differentiate themselves in the market. Our unique scoring tool improves the opportunity to discuss green options with homeowners and sell additional services.

EA Remodel Certification begins with an evaluation of the home by an accredited EA Remodeler to determine the potential pathways to certification. The EA Remodeler works with their clients to plan a strategy to achieve certification. This enables remodelers to gain repeat business as they nurture their relationship with the homeowner.

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Our accreditation training is a prerequisite to becoming an EA Remodeler. Trainings are entirely focused on the delivery of, and marketing tools provided by, the EA Remodel Certification Program and are regularly scheduled in a half-day format to allow for the busy schedules of contractors. Once accreditation is awarded, remodelers will be granted use of the EA Remodeler designation and associated logos, as well as a listing on the EA website as an accredited professional. 

Prior knowledge of building science principles and sustainable construction practices will be required to pass a qualifying exam. The EA Remodeler Training is not intended to teach building science or sustainable residential construction principles, and a 75% score must be achieved to pass the exam and become an accredited EA Remodeler. If you are interested in enhancing your building science and sustainable building knowledge, please consider some our other course offerings:

Training questions? Contact Heather Kendall at or (503) 968-7160 x20
EA Remodel Certification program questions? Contact Peter Brown at or 503.840.5712.

Sample Exam Q's
  1. The biggest problem with leaky ducts in conditioned space is:
    1. Heat loss
    2. Pests
    3. Insufficient airflow delivery
    4. Condensation
  2. Thermal resistance of insulation is reduced by air flowing through and around insulation.
    1. True
    2. False
  3. Which type of energy use dominates for typical homes in cold climates?
    1. Water heating
    2. Space heating
    3. Appliances
    4. Vampire loads
  4. The EPA's RRP Rule requires:
    1. Lead testing and remediation be performed on all disturbed painted areas in homes built prior to 1978, and can only be performed by specially trained, certified individuals and firms.
    2. If a home was built prior to 1965 any remodeling project must include lead testing and remediation on all surfaces that have been painted inside the house.
    3. Work practice standards for the removal and mitigation of lead-based paint hazards and for the performance of lead-based paint inspection and risk assessment.
    4. Both a & c
  5. Which is the best possible combination for indoor air quality, ventilation, and energy efficiency?
    1. A tight home with ceiling fans and HEPA filters
    2. A leaky home with a positively pressurized HVAC system
    3. A moderately leaky home with an electrostatic air filter in the air handler
    4. A tight home with sufficient mechanical ventilation and air filtration  
  6. Which of the following is NOT a function of fiberglass insulation?
    1. Prevents condensation on interior surfaces
    2. Slows heat transmission 
    3. Is an effective thermal mass and radiates trapped heat back into space in the evening  
    4. Reduces size of heating and cooling equipment necessary to condition the space
  7. When mold issues are found in a home, the best way to mitigate against future problems is to:
    1. Spray down affected areas with 30% bleach solution
    2. Replace any framing members that have visible mold growth
    3. Address root cause, including ventilating moisture sources to outside, addressing causes of condensation, and increasing air circulation
    4. Evacuate the home and disseminate an antimicrobial disinfectant throughout the entire living area with a fogger
  8. Best practices techniques to ensure that the deck ledger to house connection does not create a moisture intrusion pathway are:
    1. Terminate the weather resistant barrier 4” above the deck, install the ledger board directly to the house sheathing and start with a new wrb layer 4” under the ledger board.
    2. Install the weather resistant barrier (wrb) on the house before attaching the ledger, then install flashing over the top edge of the ledger that extends at least 4" up the sidewall of the house and is tucked under the wrb where a slit has been made in the wrb for this purpose.
    3. Install a self sealing bituminous membrane on the wall sheathing where the ledger will be attached, integrate wrb shingle style into this membrane, then create an airspace of at least 3/8" between the ledger and the house and foam or caulk metal washers in the thru-bolts or lag screws to the self sealing membrane.
    4. Both b & c
  9. Why does the use of utility-produced electricity as a heating source cost more than natural gas?
    1. There are many natural gas distributors.
    2. Up to 70% of the fuel energy, used to make electricity, is lost in the generation and transmission processes. li>
    3. Natural gas furnaces have a higher efficiency rating than electric heating sources. /li>
    4. Natural gas is delivered at a higher temperature.
  10. Which is NOT a reason for builders to adopt green building practices?
    1. The current rate of resource consumption in the U.S. is unsustainable.
    2. Homes built with sustainable practices often sit on the market longer than traditionally built homes.
    3. Sustainable practices and processes can increase energy efficiency and improve indoor air quality in a home.
    4. Green building is no longer on the fringe and is accessible and affordable for all builders and buyers  

Answer Key
1. c
2. a
3. b
4. d
5. d
6. c
7. c
8. d
9. b
10.  b
Course Fee

Energy Trust Trade Allies can receive reimbursement for this training, 
but must email Heidi Goetz for pre-approval. 

General Admission: $99 

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