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Water Wise for Homes and Landscapes (Parts I & II)

Join us for one or both of this two-part recorded webinar series.
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These webinars will provide real estate professionals with essential information to help their clients save on water costs now and future proof against ongoing water shortages. Despite Pacific NW snow pack levels bouncing back this year, many of Oregon’s reservoirs are still storing below-average amounts as of the end of January 2016 and the threat of water crises still persist. University of Washington Climatologists predict that the Pacific NW will experience warmer, wetter winters resulting in less snowpack, and that we will experience longer, drier and hotter summer seasons. Attend these webinars and gain helpful cost-saving resources for both outdoor and indoor environments that you can pass along to your clients. 

Part 1: Water Wise for Homes

Do you know the top 6 indoor water conservation strategies? 

Gain tips to save year-round by using indoor water resources more efficiently. 
  • Understand the impact of development on the water cycle
  • Identify 6 water wise strategies
  • Understand the role of certifications in water conservation 

Part 2: Water Wise for Landscapes

Do you know that landscaping consumes over 50% of average home water use?

Examine greywater reuse, rain water harvesting, rain gardens and drip irrigation practices. 
  • Define the term "greywater"
  • Identify uses for greywater indoors 
  • List the "must-dos" when using greywater for landscapes
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