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Partner Event: AppraiseRight Conference

Gain critical industry knowledge in this one-day workshop that will include these topics: 

  • The City of Portland Home Energy Score ordinance startingJan. 1, 2018 and its impact on appraisers
  • Homebuilding and appraisal industry forecasts
  • Heat pump technologies presented by John Karasaki, PGE
  • Energy efficient home valuation case study and trainingpresented by Gary Kristensen, A Quality Appraisal LLC
Attendees of this annual one-day conference will leave with: 
  • 7 CEs approved by Oregon ACLB
  • Tips for improving your appraisal business in the current market
  • Updates about the current legislative climate in relation to home appraisal
  • Approaches to value for both conventional and green home appraisal assignments. 
  • Earn credits towards earning the Accredited Green Appraiser (AGA) designation with Earth Advantage
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