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SOLD OUT - Guided Simulation Training, Test & Group Mentoring



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Completion of the USDOE's simulation training, test, and mentoring are required steps towards becoming an authorized home energy assessor in the City of Portland Home Energy Score program. 

Earth Advantage is offering this 3-day guided simulation training, test, and group mentoring to assist home energy assessors to complete this required step. 

  • Day 1 & 2 is a simulation training and test process where you will conduct virtual home walk-throughs designed to show a variety of situations you might encounter, in order to learn how to produce an accurate Home Energy Score. See this overview video of the simulation training for more info.
  • Day 3 is an in-field group mentoring session where you will do a group walk-through at a house with a qualified mentor, enter data into energy modeling software, and produce your first Home Energy Score. 

Note: The simulation training and test can also be completed on your own. This session is recommended for those without experience in online simulation training modules. 

The City of Portland Home Energy Score policy is effective January 1, 2018, and requires sellers of single-family homes to receive a home energy score and report prior to listing a home for sale in the City of Portland. Only authorized home energy assessors can produce a home energy score for this policy.

Eligibility Requirements

Please make sure to review the eligibility requirements prior to pursuing the simulation training, test, and group mentoring. Prior to this live 3-day training session, participants must: 
  • Complete STEP 1. Obtain and verify qualifying credentials. See link above for more information.

Laptop Requirements

In order to run the simulation model, you are required to bring a laptop for this course that meets the requirements listed below. If you do not have one that meets these requirements, please reach out to us directly to discuss options. Requirements as follows:
  • 64-bit processor. This has been standard in most computers since 2010 and can be checked in your laptop's system settings.  If you have an pre-2010 laptop and/or are unable to verify the 64-bit processor settings, please contact us before class and we can verify with you.
  • Browsers: Mozilla Firefox (64-bit only) or Google Chrome (64-bit only). This can be checked in your browser settings. If you do not have either browser type, please download one onto your machine for free.
  • LAN cable port. Needed to connect cable to your laptop for hard-wired internet.
  • Excel. Needed to run the Assessor Calculator.
Questions? Contact us at or (503) 468-3482.  
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