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Better Building & Beer Event

To kick off the upcoming Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) course in Portland, Earth Advantage is hosting the second annual Better Building & Beer event to bring together Portland’s leading experts who will share their home building experience and expertise over free beers at Fully on SE Water Ave. This year's theme will be: 

Smart Homes: Myths & Realities

Josh Salinger, Founder + CEO of Birdsmouth Construction, will be our moderator. Each speaker will have 15 mins to present + 10 mins Q&A:

High Performance Building as the Bedrock for Smart Home Tech

Ryan Shanahan | Senior Green Building Consultant, Earth Advantage

Is high performance building necessary in order for smart homes to be effective and what technologies are builders and designers using now?

The Future of Smart Homes, Resilient Communities, and Energy Programs

Emily Kemper | Architect & Senior Technical Energy Manager, CLEAResult

What type of energy savings opportunities are made available by smart homes and how can a comprehensive, future-proof energy program based on resiliency equal more than just the sum of its parts?

Why Today's Builder Should Care about Tomorrow's Smart Homes

Mike Frey | Vice President, Noyes Development Co. 

What are the motivations for builders and designers to integrate high performance + smart home approaches into their homes and how will it impact business bottom line, growth and marketing?
The education, CEs and beer are free. RSVP now as last year's event sold out fast with over 60 attendees.
Questions? Contact Heather Kendall at or 503-968-7160 x20. 

** SPECIAL OFFER: Attendees will earn $50 OFF the SHP course starting on Oct. 20 in Portland, OR.
See SHP course page for more info. **

Event space made possible thanks to support from Fully, a certified B Corp that is
all about helping you bring more movement, energy and joy to your work and life. 

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