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The Earth Advantage® logo is the most visible and recognizable expression of our brand. As such it’s proper use is essential to the integrity of our organization. Use of the logo to imply affiliation with or endorsement by Earth Advantage without express permision from Earth Advantage is prohibited.

All proposed graphics, media, advertising, public relations, and associated marketing collateral is to be provided to Earth Advantage for approval. Email a PDF or photo of the material to the contact below.

All logos, signs, presentations, websites and social media sites are the express property of Earth Advantage and may not be duplicated without express written permission of an authorized member of Earth Advantage. The Earth Advantage name and logo are trademarked. 

For information or questions regarding the Earth Advantage brand please contact: Erik Cathcart

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Earth Advantage logo pack
(includes all print and web logos, brand standards guide and professional profile cheat sheet)


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