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Our Team

The Earth Advantage team and board of directors are made up of a diverse group of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to advance our cause. Roll over the images below to view names and roles.

David Heslam
Executive Director

Anthony Roy
Director, Policy & Partnerships

Erik Odin Cathcart
Director, Marketing & Strategy

Peter Brown
Director of Building Certifications

Gina Lindsay
Customer Engagement Manager, CakeSystems

Randy Hansell
LEED for Homes Program Manager

Matt Douglas
Senior Green Building Consultant

Ryan Shanahan
Senior Green Building Consultant

Waylon White
Green Certification Field Manager

Eric Foley
Multifamily Program Manager

Amy Ten Broeck
Operations Manager

Ryan LaPoma
Education Program Manager

John Spillman
Account Manager & Training

MacKenzie Winchel
Account Manager & Technical Consultant

Richard Bumstead
EPS Energy Modeler

Jordan Jordan
Building Materials Broker

Ellen Williams
Residential Services Coordinator

Sara Walker
Technical Field Consultant

Seth Francis
Technical Field Consultant

Cameron MacLean
Technical Field Consultant

Heather Kendall
Education Outreach Associate

Lauren Isaac
Board President

Jill Sherman
Board Member

Linda Gerber
Board Member

Nathan Good
Board Member

Steven R. Schell
Board Member

Jules Bailey
Board Member

Holly Braun
Board Member

Randall Leach
Board Member

David Pollock
Board Member

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